• Barbara Walters, Unable to Add, Unveils “10 Most Fascinating People“ – More Like “7 Heathens, 2 Heroes of Christianity and 3 Oddly-Named Children of a Psychotic, Drug-Overdosing Child-Molester“

    December 10, 2009 4:31 pm 26 comments
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  • My White Christian American friends,

    Feminesbian Barbara Walters is at it again, always trying to compensate for her post-menopausal depression by launching herself unashamedly into the spotlight. It would be quite sad if it was not so darn funny to watch. Kinda like watching someone else slipping on ice.

    This time, Walters is trying to garner herself more time in the televisal spotlight by releasing her annual “10 Most Fascinating People“ list for 2009. More accurately, this list should be titled “7 Heathens, 2 Heroes of Christianity, and 3 Oddly-Named Children of a Psychotic, Drug-Overdosing Child Molester.“

    Do not bother reading that again. You are right. The numbers do not add up. There are actually twelve people on Walters` list this year, not ten. This just further proves that liberals like Walters cannot add.

    Including in the 6 Heathens are:

    Adam Lambert: Homogay whore who has repeatedly defiled America`s eyes by raping our televions` moralities.

    Lady GaGa: See above and add hermaphrofreak to the list.

    Tyler Perry: See Adamn Lambert and add cross-dressing live-theater personality to the list.

    Michelle Obama: Hula-hooping, short-shorts-wearing, legs-revealing harlot married to the Socialist pig who is currently ruining our country

    Kate Gosselin: A reality star. Enough said.

    Brett Favre: A football quarterback and therefore steroid abuser.

    Jenny Sanford: South Carolina`s First Lady who caused her husband to cheat on her by not performing her wifely duties.

    The 3 Oddly-Named Children of a Psychotic, Drug-Overdosing Child-Molester are Michael Jackson`s three children, Prince Michael Jr., Blanket, and Paris Michael Katherine.

    The inclusion of these orphans disturbs me nearly as much as the fact that heathens hold the majority on Walters` list. Not because they are orphans, because that is not there fault, nor because there father was a drug/plastic surgery-addicted child molester, because that is neither there fault, but because of the fact that I would have thought that now that Wacko Jacko is dead, someone would have gone about getting these kids some decent names already. Honestly.

    The 2, yes TWO, Heroes of Christianity are Future President Sarah Palin and Radio/TV Personality Glen Beck.

    It is truly sad, my friends, to see just how little Walters values morality. All you have to do is look at this list to see where her priorities lie, and it saddens me. It truly saddens me.http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/TV/12/10/barbara.walters.special/

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    shameful_truth I look forward to laughing with the Angels, Cherubs, Jesus, and Jerry Fallwell as we look down at the Heathens, roasting in Hell, while we sit back sipping martinis, listening to St. Michael play on his harp while we debate our favorite episodes of 7th Heaven.

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