• Beatles “Rubber Soul” Christian Album Review

    December 15, 2009 5:44 pm 63 comments

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    At some point in your life, you may have heard of a band called “Beatles”. If not, here is a short description:

    Beatles are a band consisting of John Lennon (nicknamed “John Lenin” by his friends), Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison (an evil Muslim). They were formed in the 1950′s by Ringo Starr (literally translated into “Friend of Satan” in the evil Japanese language), when he decided he wanted to form a band in hopes of spreading his liberal agenda throughout the world. In the mid-60′s, they released an album called “Rubber Soul”. This was the first record I ever bought, and I regret in saying that at one point in my life I actually listened to Satanic filth such as this. But now I’ve seen the light and bathed in Jesus’s glory, so I will now tell everybody why they should stay away from this!

    First, an interesting note. The title “Rubber Soul” is talking about how this album will take your soul and make it like rubber instead of pure and holy. If you listen to this record, that may happen to you. I was lucky to escape from its madness unscathed.

    1. Drive My Car
    The first song on the album is called “Drive My Car”. This evil song is about a sick African man hijacking a poor female’s car and demanding she drive him to the gas station so he can rob it to buy some crack. Throughout the song, the words “beep, beep” are constantly heard. These must have originally been swear words that the record company censored to make it more “family-friendly”. If only they had censored this whole song! Shame on them!

    2. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
    The second song on the album continues its message of violence and anti-Christian values. In this song, the narrator (sung by Ringo Starr), burns down a house and drinks wine, an evil alcoholic beverage that should only be consumed under permission of your pastor. Need I say anymore? This is the obvious answer to why arson rates have gone up nearly 76% in the past year alone!

    3. You Won’t See Me
    “You Won’t See Me” tells children how to use George Harrison’s evil Muslim rituals to turn invisible.

    4. Nowhere Man
    Nowhere man is a beautiful gospel song about what life is like without Jesus Christ. Paul McCarthy wrote it when he was struggling with the other Satanic band members. Unfortunately, they conjured the power of Satan to kill him only a few months later. But we can always remember this as being one of the greatest holy songs of all time.

    5. The Word
    Beginning with a beautiful piano solo, I expected this to be a gospel song praising Jesus’s name. Instead what do I get? I get a song promoting the homogay agenda! The “word” they speak of is the word “filthy homo”. And then they say to “love” that “filthy homo”. This song goes on for nearly five minutes, before ending in an electric guitar solo. Truly an evil song. Statistics also show that nearly 32% of teenagers have admitted to turning homo because of this song. One was quoted saying, “Look, friends, I am now queer just like popstar George Harrison!”

    6. Michelle
    This is a song about evil Michelle Obama.

    7. What Goes On
    This is your typical boy-band hit love song single. It’s not praising Jesus in any way, but mostly it’s harmless and reasonably safe to listen to. (Women and children need to make sure to have a man in the room while they listen to it, though.)

    8. Girl
    See above.

    9. I’m Looking Through You
    This song is a “sequel” of sorts to “You Won’t See Me”. It’s basically talking about how, if you follow the instructions from “You Won’t See Me”, people will literally “look through you” and exclaim, “I’m looking through you! This is truly the power of Satan!” This will destroy their souls too.

    10. In My Life
    “In My Life” is not only the worst, most evil song on the album, but also one of the worst songs of all time. In this song, the singer sings about how there’s only one life and no afterlife. They promote drugs and sex with children, saying that “I know I’ll never lose affection for people and things that went before. I know I’ll often stop to have intercourse with them. I am glad there is no heaven or Hell”. In typical Beatles style, if you play the song backwards, you will hear subliminal messages. In this case, the words “cocaine” repeated over and over again throughout (they start shouing it midway through the electric guitar solo towards the end of the song).

    11. Wait
    “Wait” is another fantastic tune, teaching moral values to children. Paul McCarsey teaches children in this song to wait until marriage to have sexual intercourse. What a great message! If you listen to this song even once in your life, chances of you waiting until marriage increase nearly 50%! I recommend this song to all teens confused with their hormones and thinking it is “okay” and “normal” to engage in such activities before marriage.

    12. If I Needed Someone
    In this Satantic tune, you are told that you don’t need Jesus in your life, but you should “call” him if you do. Listen, John “Lenin”, Jesus is not someone you can just “call” on any time! You have to believe in him forever and never doubt him to do that! What a sick song! It makes me want to throw up!

    13. Run For Your Life
    Another song promoting the homogay agenda… and murder! The singer refers to “little girl” (an adopted daughter between him and his homogay “wife”) and says that if she dare date someone of the opposite sex, like a normal person, then they will kill her! This really says a lot about the homogay agenda! They raise their adopted children and then force them to be homos like them! Its sick! Only the sick, twisted mind of George Harrison could come up with something this horrible! Whenever I hear this song, I can’t help but cry and say a little prayer for all of the poor children is situations like these. Being one of Beatle’s most popular songs, it is often played on the radio to try to convert people to the homogay agenda and murder their normal children! No wonder you hear about fag parents killing their kids nearly every night on the news!

    Well, that wraps up my review of this filthy garbage album. Needless to say, it is truly awful. “Nowhere Man” and “Wait”, however, are fantastic songs that everybody should listen to every day. Too bad they are mixed in with all the other Satanic, liberal, atheist, homogay filth!

    That’s the end to my review. I’ll write more album reviews soon. If you would like to suggest one I review, please let me know. My goal is to spread the knowledge of God and what’s safe to listen to to everybody I can.

    God bless.

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