• Black NBA Star Kobe Bryant Uses Devil Powers to Make Last Second Shot

    December 5, 2009 4:10 pm 6 comments

    In the world of sports there are a suspiciously odd number of blacks who are able to do impossible plays at the last second of the game. Some may say that’s racist but it’s not when the facts clearly support the thesis.

    Let’s not forget how many times guys like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods clearly tapped into supernatural forces to perform miracle plays, and even just a few weeks ago we witnessed how Black Golfer Vijay Singh uses Satan Powers.

    Now this week we see yet another black, Kobe Bryant, doing more of the same. He somehow managed to throw a basketball an impossible distance while off balance to make a shot that had less than .000045% chance of making it in the basket for a normal person. Yet before it even went in you can see Kobe Bryant was celebrating.

    Another interesting fact of empiricism here is that Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant all cheated on their wives. I’m not sure if doing so seals some pact between them and their dark lord, but the facts are there. Black adulterers seem to really be able to do impossible plays in sports and Satan powers are involved. Black adultery makes Satan proud and he rewards them for it. Here’s the video of Kobe.

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