• George Michael Dies

    December 24, 2009 6:20 pm 4 comments
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  • For those of you celebrating this headline, thinking it’s the gay George Michael Michael who does sick videos like Faith (which is hardly about being Christian) and Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, please stop. His day to repent or burn in hell for all time for spreading the fecal friendly homogay music agenda shall come.

    Today we mourn the death of the proper George Michael, the one who did commentary about sports. George Michael was 70. You most likely saw his show The George Michael Sports Machine, where he gave a weekly run-down of the best moments in sports, especially football.

    WRC first announced Mr. Michael’s passing with a statement:

    “George Michael was our friend and colleague for more than 25 years,” WRC said in a statement issued Thursday morning. “He was a dynamic force around our newsroom and in the entire Washington area.

    “George was a pioneer in sports broadcasting. He was a gifted interviewer, a master storyteller and one of the hardest working journalists out there. Our hearts go out to his wife, Pat, and his daughter, Michelle, both of whom also worked with us for many years, as well as the rest of his family.”

    We would like to also wish peace and love to the Michael family during this time. George’s contribution to our culture and daily lives is greatly appreciated, and he will be missed.

    George Michael Dead Dies

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