• God Strikes Norway With Wormhole

    December 14, 2009 4:14 am 29 comments

    God’s power was on display once again this week, this time as he caused a giant wormhole to appear over the sinful skies of Norway as scientists tested the Large Hadron Supercollider.

    My friends, this is no coincidence and we should all be scared because God is greatly angered. This wormhole was just a snap of his fingered as he witnessed scientists dare crash his protons together!

    Just moments before God caused this great manifestation of his power, scientists in Switzerland defied the Bible by using the Large Hadron Collider to accelerate, protons to sinful energies of 1.2 trillion electron volts and then crashing them all together! Sin!

    Man has no business meddling with that which he cannot create or touch, yet these scientists are creating hell on Earth. What if one of those protons got loose and caused a black hole or portal rift straight to hell? What then, would these scientists fall and prey and demons had full loose upon the Earth?

    Behold God’s power; a wormhole. You can see he’s shot some form of energy through the rift to heaven. Just one touch of that blue power upon the Earth and it’d be mightier then ten dozen million lightning bolt! This small display of God’s power is only a teaser of what he can really do!

    God does not like the European Union and he’s making it clear that they all share in this sin together. Ban the Hadron if you want to live, Europe? God’s wrath is night and next time he may just strike you all down for your Satan-pleasing molecule tests.

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