• Golfer Tiger Woods To Pay $300 Million When Wife Leaves Him

    December 3, 2009 4:42 am 21 comments
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  • Elin Woods wife husband Tiger Woods adulteryAfrican-American golfer Tiger Woods had an alleged extramarital affair, the secret details of which he refused to discuss with the press this week.

    The shocking news of Woods’ debauchery-laden lifestyle strikes a crippling blow to expectations worldwide, as our news organizations hate to see quality celebrities, especially African-American men, go from being excellent role models for children into lowly heathens whose very souls are in serious jeopardy.

    Tiger Woods is a black golfer and was an inspiration to many pocket African Americans who grow up in ghetto communities. Woods’ presence in the game and acceptance into the game by all of us normal golfers allowed these young ghetto children to have a dream that one day they too could be great golfers or simply relax on a course after a long day in the office.

    Now, the hope and dream is marred. Tiger Woods reverted to the expected dark betrayal of his wife and family, but fortunately, it looks as if the allegations are true he will not be getting off Scott-free. Before marriage, Tiger Woods signed a $300 million prenuptual agreement with Elin. That amount does not include what he will have to pay a month for the support of his children.

    At this point, we could expect Tiger to try to move to another state and shun his responsibilities since he’s already on the path of allegedly being a typical down home hoodlum black. Let us pray that Tiger Woods is inspired to tell us all the details of his affair, as he owes us, so we can then pray for him and help him understand how he will burn for such a betrayal of oaths unless he apologizes to his family and then to us for committing adultery.

    After that he should to the right thing and retire from golf, so that good quality players like Phil Mickelson and Steve Stricker have a chance to fairly complete and win without the shadow of adultery scandal sullying up the game.

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