• Homogay Agenda Confronted at Yale University

    December 8, 2009 4:44 am 19 comments

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    The gays were trying to spread their sadistic anti-America agenda at Yale today, as two twiddle worshipers kisseded each other in the school commons!

    I could only wish this were the founding days of Yale because we could throw them to the furnaces of the coal room until their sins burned away!

    We of course cannot do that now but we can still tell them where they will be roasting all time for spreading such sickness into our finest academic institutions.

    For every gay allowed on a college campus, the incidence of herpies AIDs increases five fold! You don’t even want to know the numbers for gay flu and hepatitis C!

    If the gays are so bold to attack Yale what is to stop them from attacking even better schools like Liberty University and TCU! Nothing!

    That’s why we must preach and stop them now! I want to thank our CW affiliate Jesse Merrel for helping tell those homod queers that Satan is going to take their sin-soaked bodies and burn them with the highest heats! Glory!

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