• How The Atheist Grinchs Stole Christmas

    December 25, 2009 3:56 pm 19 comments
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    Bishop T.J.


    Atheists are a disturbed people who hate everything about the Christmas season. Several years ago we saw them go on a campaign to make the word “Christmas” and “holidays” illegal. They wanted them to be renamed “Xmas” and “winter celebrations”.

    ChristWire Digital Media: Fox News anchors discuss organized campaign by atheists to subvert our nation’s annual celebration of Christ’s birth on Christmas.

    After Fox News exposed their anti-Christmas campaign and the American people responded by embracing what was right, atheists started a new veiled campaign to fight our national holiday, doing their best to try to destroy what is right. Why?

    The fact of the matter is simple. Atheists are jealous of Christmas.

    They hate the fact that a baby, born over two-thousand years ago in Bethlehem, has brought so much peace and love through this world through the power of faith. Through the power of love. Through the power of redemption.

    That is the power of Christ and it is what compels billions of people worldwide to celebrate Christmas and the Holy Days (holidays) season every single year. And now, atheists are trying to remove the foundation of this wonderful time of the year.

    It is quite sickening. Just last week, atheists in California fought a war in which they tried to remove an angel from a public school display. Yet, somehow, they think signs such as the one below are acceptable to place on school grounds.

    A militant atheist internet site, Daylitatheist.com, heralds and praises all of these acts against the holiday season. How can we trust a people who would try to run down a season of peace, brought to us by the birth of a baby. Why is it that these people hate innocence?

    We know they support abortion and have no qualms with living babies being blugeoned or stabbed to the point of death, so perhaps their hate of a season of peace — brought to us by a meager baby born in Bethlehem — holds no special place in their heart. Death to all and to all a bitter night would be their Christmas motto, if they could get the true meaning of it.

    It is people like this who buy into commercialism; the vain secularized meaning of Christmas. They lose touch with the Christian heritage and value behind this holiday; family, friends and love. Today, let us pray that everyone has a splendid Christmas, New Years and holiday season. Let those who wish to hinder the true spirit of the season find misery and for their lots, be cast into the lake that not even the coldest snowstorm can make cool. Praise our Savior.

    Merry Christmas, friends, to you and your loved ones. Be blessed and remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

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    Bishop T.J. Born and raised in South Chicago, Bishop Trotter is a political analyst and champion for American injustice, an activist for equality and a religious leader ALL people.

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