• If Hollywood Is Okay With Gay, Then Why Are Actors Like Ron Livingston So Afraid Of Coming Out Of The Closet?

    December 8, 2009 2:57 am 35 comments

    gay hollywood idol ron livingston

    There is a terrific irony in the liberal elite these days– they claim to support the gay agenda wholeheartedly, except when it touches their personal lives. Hollywood democrats will fund homosexual rights initiatives and celebrate flamboyantly gay characters in movies, but suggest that one of them enjoys frequent same-sex, and they’ll throw a tizzy. Why is that? Why do they find the implication that they personally might be homosexual so upsetting and offensive when they give so much lip service to the gay agenda?

    Take the case of actor Ron Livingston. He is a cut and paste West Coast liberal, having appeared in numerous young male roles in such films and tv shows as Swingers, Band of Brothers, Standoff, Office Space and Defying Gravity. With his chiseled jaw and scruffy ambiguity, gays and women alike find him alluring and easy. Yet when one internet encyclopedia included him in a list of homosexual actors and outed his boyfriend, Livingston was so upset he hired a team of lawyers to suppress the information. Livingston was even a regular character on the gay-themed, sexually explicit tv show “Sex and the City,” yet he can’t accept homosexuality in his real life. In a lawsuit filed this week in Los Angeles, California Superior Court against an anonymous internet author, the actor claims the accusations that he is gay are, “malicious and just plain awful.” He is seeking unspecified damages (which usually means millions of dollars) for being labeled “homosexual” in these permissive times.

    gay hollywood idol ron livingston

    So what is it Hollywood? Is gay okay? Or are you really disgusted with the reality that is the homosexual lifestyle– the outrageous clothes, the vicious effeminacy, all that painful sodomy, the moral weakness? Do you liberal elites who practice same sex encounters but act straight to the public really feel ashamed of who you are? Would your parents disown you for your reckless ways? Are you too scared to admit that you go weak in the knees in the face of a hairy, muscled chest? Are you too weak to accept the fact that you’re weak? It is the utmost irony that these people are so afraid of being publicly outed. It also is telling of a deeper truth: that they know in their soul of souls that being gay is just plain wrong and awful.

    Hypocrisy is all too common these days. What happened to the time when a man could be a man and stand up for what he believes in despite the threats of abuse and terror? I am a Christian and I know that sodomy and the gay lifestyle are wrong. I will stand up loud and proud and shout my heterosexuality from every rooftop! Yet in Hollywood, movies like Brokeback Mountain and The Harvey Milk Movie are made starring excessively heterosexual actors and celebrated with smooth shirtless male statues. The liberal elites of this country spend countless millions funding gay marriage special rights, homosexual parades, sex education and more. Brad Pitt says he will not get a traditional normal marriage until the sodomites are granted the same privilege.

    Yet when it comes to fessing up about their own hardcore desires, Hollywood’s male whores run screeching into their enormous wardrobe closets. It took threats of internet photos, videos and police reports to get the likes of Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert, George Takei, Doogie Howser and Perez Hilton to reluctantly admit that they enjoy the homosexual lifestyle. Many, many others have not been so bold. It has particularly hard on such men as George Clooney, John Travolta, Richard Simmons, Tom Cruise, Kevin Spacey and Elijah Wood.

    gay hollywood idol ron livingston

    And now add Ron Livingston to the list of Hollywooders afraid of being gay. The scandalous details that are being shopped to various gossip websites are that Livingston was romantically involved with Los Angeles Power Broker Leslie “Lee” Dennison (see photo above, on right), a famously lascivious celebrity horndog. There are also rumors that Ron Livingston was once wedded to actor Keanu Reeves, who himself has had his share of gay talk. Once this became public knowledge, Ron was so upset about the accusations that he hastily got married to handsome actress Rosemarie DeWitt last month. He finds this accusation so heinous, he is spending tens of thousands of dollars to suppress the information and jail those involved. Talk about your witch-hunts! I can’t wait for the discovery phase of the upcoming jury trial. Will Ron have to prove to the world that he’s straight? Will he explain publicly that being gay is really genuinely reprehensible? I sure hope so.

    I believe this Ron Livingston case is incredibly instructive. Hollywood has a deep-seated dislike of homosexuality, as well they should. Isn’t about time they do something meaningful and brave and come out of the closet with their open and honest disapproval of the gay lifestyle? If every man in the acting business admitted their fears of being gay, it would be one of America’s most important 21st-century teachable moments.

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