• I’m Appalled Health Reform May Insure Against Spousal Abuse

    December 20, 2009 2:08 pm 40 comments
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  • In every marriage the daunting onus of chastising and berating one’s wife comes to every good man. Women are fickle creatures who can get very lippy, and sometimes need a bit of loving discipline to keep the marriage and family in order.

    Liberals to this day try to blur the line between blatant abuse and a man’s Biblical authority over his wife and family; it’s a well-known fact. There is violence in schools because parents are no longer allowed to properly discipline their children. The divorce rate has skyrocketed to nearly 60-percent because a man’s loving hands are hindered in bringing gentle slaps of control upon his woman.

    Now Obama is taking the destruction of the American nuclear family to an all new level by sneaking a measure into the Obamacare health reform bill. Now, there is a clause that says it will protect against past “spousal abuse” but in reality is a new system to flag and make miserable husbands who have high-risk wives.

    Some wives are constantly at risk of falling into cardinal sins; adultery, over-shopping, ignoring housemaking duties and betraying her family. Men who try to correct this with gentle slaps and words, and have wives report it to Obama’s system, can now be put into a national database, where liberals can access and make their lives miserable. It will be covered by the taxpayer’s dollar, meaning women can submit to this system anonymously without toughing her husband’s finances.

    I spoke to our colleague Rush Limbaugh about this measure the other day and he is just as livid. This system is going to further destroy the American family by making husbands too scared to bring order into the home. It is subverting the Biblical authority given to all men and Obama is to blame; expected, since he is not a Christian and not even a Muslim, who at least recognize the need for male leadership within the home.

    Rush decided to give more thought to this ornery bill and I told him I’d share it here. Rest assured, we will have our lobbies fighting hard against this clause.

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