• Is Madonna A Devil Worshipper?

    December 13, 2009 3:21 pm 7 comments

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    Over the course of the last two decades, it has become quite obvious that Madonna manifests devil powers and is one of the most dangerous celebrities in Hollywood. Each year she leads countless young girls into sin with prostituted songs like “Touche Virgin for The First Time” and “Material Girl”.

    As if these sin-inducing songs were not bad enough, Madonna also has a deep history of defying laws for humanity and morality. In the 1800s, our Christian President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, where he forbade any more Africans to be sneaked into our country to take jobs and land from Americans in need.

    To this day, Madonna still continually dances upon Lincoln’s memory and grave by sneaking countless African children into our country, disrespecting the sacrifice of our Civil War soldier heroes, Lincoln and Marcus Garvey in the process. How a person can live with defiling youth with sinful music and abduction boggles the mind, and it’s no wonder journalist Kerr at Student Operated Press was forced to ask if Madonna is a devil worshiper:

    Some Palestinians were so outraged by Madonna`s stunt that they called her a devil worshipper. I don`t often side with the Palestininas, but I agree that Madonna worships the devil.

    Only the Evil One could inspire a 51-year old woman to don skin-tight lavender leotards, and writhe on stage like she`s still 21. Google “Madonna`s hands” and tell me her hands aren`t devilish!

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    While the rest of that article lacks journalistic integrity, the author citing that Madonna’s music is good when we know the music is clearly anti-God and therefore anti-America and not good, the inciting question remains relevant. Is Madonna A Devil Worshipper?

    From her music and hold over youth, it is quite obvious that just like celebrities Olivia Munn and Amir, Madonna has devil powers. For over 20 years she has dared to call herself “The Madonna”, disrespecting the Virgin Mother. She calls herself the Madonna while using exposed legs and tongue licks that are timed to music beats to entice teens to try a sinful lifestyle. These are all products of Satan powers.

    To complete this investigation into Madonna’s relationship with the devil, I ordered a survey into the texts she has transcribed. What message does Madonna convey in the scriptures of her songs? As our interns researched into this, one came across a very startling revelation which completely answered the question but shows that Madonna has a relationship with Satan. The Song is called “Beautiful Stranger”

    Let us first take a look upon the scripture lyrics she has written: Warning: The following song texts and video media were written by a woman celebrity who calls herself The Madonna and manifests the devil powers of dance and music. Please immediately pray and order any women/children to leave the room before reviewing, then pray once more after review.

    Haven’t we met
    You’re some kind of beautiful stranger
    You could be good for me
    I’ve had the taste for danger

    If I’m smart then I’ll run away
    But I’m not so I guess I’ll stay
    Heaven forbid Here Madonna says if even if heaven forbids such things, you should still do it
    I’ll take my chance on a beautiful stranger

    I looked into your eyes
    And my world came tumbling down
    You’re the devil in disguise
    That’s why I’m singing this song

    To know you is to love you
    You’re everywhere I go
    And everybody knows
    To love you is to be part of you
    I’ve paid for you with tears
    And swallowed all my pride

    Da-da-da-dum da-dum da-dum da da da-da dum
    Beautiful stranger
    Da-da-da-dum da-dum da-dum da da da-da dum
    Beautiful stranger

    If I’m smart then I’ll run away
    But I’m not so I guess I’ll stay
    Haven’t you heard
    I fell in love with a beautiful stranger

    I looked into your face
    My heart was dancing all over the place
    I’d like to change my point of view
    If I could just forget about you

    I looked into your eyes
    And my world came tumbling down
    You’re the devil in disguise
    That’s why I’m singing this song to you
    That’s why i’m singing this song to you . . .

    This song is clearly a love ballad Madonna wrote to Satan. I’m not sure how they met, maybe under a tree like when Eve met Satan or perhaps after a concert, but it happened. Instead of running away and praying, Madonna wrote this song for Satan and invited him into her heart.

    She writes, “Heaven forbid, I fell in love with a beautiful stranger”. Here we see heaven even sent Madonna a message and forbade her to talk to Satan, yet she continued to write this song and fall in love with his sin. Then she made a music video about it and made more youth fall in love with him too.

    Dear friends, Madonna is clearly under the influence of Satan. This video and the countless others you may review on YouTube are abundant proof of this fact. Some liberals will try to refute these facts and cite she practices Kaballah. Let’s not forget that Hollywood celebrity cult disrespects God and our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage by mixing dark Wiccan and African traditions in with the proper, so no.

    Parents, if your child listens to Madonna please immediately ban them from doing it any longer. She has dated a veiled form of Satan and wrote love songs to him, and at 51-years of age can still dance for hours on end on stage while singing while songs that inspire unnatural gyrations of the body. She kidnaps Africans and brings them here, probably tapping into a bit of their dark religions and putting them to work too.

    All these things together are clear proof of some form of devil worship or at least influence, so let’s make God proud by boycotting Madonna off television, our homes and our magazines.

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