• Male Cheerleader Beat Up By Girl Basketball Team

    December 19, 2009 1:49 pm 7 comments

    A 21-year-old male cheerleader is recovering in ICU after getting beat up by two women basketball players.

    Seniors Amanda Hanneman and Jessra Johnson have both been suspended indefinitely, according to Coach Cindy Stein, after police cited that the pair beat up a 21-year-old male cheerleader who interrupted a sports celebration party with wife-like nagging and whinging.

    The altercation started when students on the men’s football and basketball team decided to throw a party at 36 N. Cedar Drive, following a massive 83-34 victory by the Missouri Tigers over Texas Pan-American.

    As the party continued and more visitors showed up, the male cheerleader — a next door neighbor — became vexed as he was losing his beauty sleep. Like a prissy fag , he purportedly sashayed up to the door and began throwing a tissy fit, demanding they “Keep it down so I can get my beauty sleep!”

    When the basketball players all laughed and refused to be quiet, the male cheerleader only started to nag more and more, much like an annoying wife who doesn’t know her place.

    Finally, with no other choice, the men’s basketball team asked two girls at the party, on the women’s team, to please take care of the annoying cheerleader who was ruining all the good, clean sports celebration fun.

    The two girls did just that. They beat the little boy cheerleader until he received a broken shoulder and black eyes. He crawled away and called the police.

    The Missouri women’s basketball team is moving forward without its two leading scorers.

    Jessra Johnson

    Amanda Hanneman


    Murray State at Missouri,

    1 p.m.

    (FSN, 1400 AM)

    Seniors Amanda Hanneman and Jessra Johnson have been suspended indefinitely, Coach Cindy Stein said yesterday, after police said the pair assaulted a 21-year-old male cheerleader for the MU football and men’s basketball teams early Friday morning.

    Hanneman and Johnson were arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault. Both were released on $500 bond.

    The incident happened in the hours after Missouri beat Texas Pan-American 83-34 on Thursday night at Mizzou Arena. Columbia police Sgt. Timothy Moriarity said Hanneman and Johnson were among a group that left a Columbia bar for an apartment at 36 N. Cedar Drive.

    Moriarity said the altercation began around 2 a.m. when one of the apartment’s tenants complained the gathering was too loud. The complainant, a senior at Missouri, was left with a broken nose and an eye injury.

    The two Missouri women’s basketball stars are now indefinitely suspended and at last report were being held on $500 bond. The father of the male cheerleader who got beat up by two girls could not be reached for making an obligatory comment of shame and disowning.

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