• McDonalds Adds McRib Sandwich Back To Menu

    December 1, 2009 11:30 am 9 comments
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  • McDonald’s has added the McRib sandwich back to the menu. The sandwich, which is comprised of an unconfirmed pieced of meat slathered in a BBQ flavored sauce, mysteriously disappeared from McDonald’s menus in 2006.

    It remains unconfirmed what caused the sandwich to be pulled, but a reasonable guess would be what’s happening to our friend in the picture.

    The sandwich made its official return to the menu on November 30, and it’s questioned if the sandwich will be sneaked back into the McDonald’s lineup on a nationwide basis.

    In order to scientifically document the spread of the McRib sandwich, please visit The McRib Locator and help us keep track of where these BBQ masterpieces are popping up.

    Sure, they are very suspicious foodstuffs and may or may not be good for your health, but they are so cheap they are delicious. And that’s what matters. Bless McDonalds and capitalism for feeding people on the cheap. McRibs are back!

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