• Miley Cyrus Exposes Milksack Breastes To Queen Elizabeth of England (photo)

    December 9, 2009 7:36 pm 53 comments
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  • When Miley Cyrus was caught giving a strip dance on a pole, gyrating her sinpants around with her Dad on stage and then getting a whoredevil tattoo, we knew this child was possessed with the spirit of fornication. We seen it happen before to demons like Olivia Munn and her G4TV uses games to lurer young boys into sin, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

    But never in my life have I seen such a manifestation of whoredemons within such a young child. This girl child only 17! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Chelsea Clinton or even one of those grislleyed Obama girls since their fathers are already prostitutes for Satan, but then again Billy Ray Cyrus betrayed his Christian foundation for Hollywood stardom.

    In the latest shock and embarassment in America, Miley Cyrus exposed her milks to Holy Queen Elizabeth the II of England. This is almost worse than the times Michelle Obama dared use her dirty paws to touch Queen Elizabeth.

    I only wish this were 200 years ago so this girl child would stop selling stuff at Walmart and being convincing children it’s okay to be a hooker clothes, when she should be practicing her print handwriting and baking pies. Billion dollar companies and proper education is better used on men that’s why you don’t see them parading around like hookers when they should be professionals feminists. This is what happens when you give girls too much power, they just turn into the whores of Babylon!

    I’m so angered right now and Satan is lapping his laps, getting hell’s grills ready for many influenced children should this be allowed to continue. Warning: The following image contains immoral exposed dress being worn by a sinchild Miley Cyrus. Please first pray and then immediately have women/children leave the room before reviewing.

    miley cyrus dress bikini boobs

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