• Obama Markets Hawaii Obama Surfer Doll Days After Christmas Terror Attacks

    December 29, 2009 10:36 am 10 comments
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  • Barack Hussein Obama is marketing a new doll, called the “Obama Hawaain Surfer Doll” to commemorate how he sat on vacation in Hawaii as our nation went through the most tragic terrorist attacks since 9/11.

    Hawaiin Obama SurferObama does not care about what happened on that day of infamy, where armed terrorists boarded our planes and crashed them into buildings.

    If so, he would not have been in Hawaii on Christmas as 300 Al Qaeda militants planned ways to kill your wife, children and other loved ones.

    It is no secret, America is not safe. Al Qaeda and other terrorists admit that they are plotting more ways to attack our planes. Obama was in Hawaii on Christmas, not doing his job in keeping our nation safe.

    A proper president would have been home with his family, in the cold winter snow of Washington, DC, taking a quick break to open gifts with the wife and daughter and then back to the war room.

    It is no secret that terrorists hate Christmas, since it is the birthday of our Lord and Savior. Obama should have had security preemptively quadrupled and several Arab towns preemptively bombed for good measure.

    Now what do we have? Fear. Insecurity. Emboldened terrorists.

    Al Qaeda terrorists are now feeling very bold and know that they can attack us at any time. Instead of facing the wrath of a million bombs and bullets for yet again declaring war on Earth, they know that Obama will not care and just try to market a doll for slap money in the wake of their attacks.

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