• PZ Myers Continues To Offend Jesus With Zombie Jokes

    December 20, 2009 2:52 pm 8 comments
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    Infamous evolution professor PZ Myers continued to disrespect our nation’s Lord and Savior by implying the New Testament of the Bible had stories about zombies. Look at his “snarky” commentary, the emphasis here being mine:

    Well, this is an odd project:

    Though the Bible is an ancient book, full of beautiful prose, timeless stories, and great truths, there has long been a barely spoken of dissatisfaction over the one element it sorely lacks: zombies. At Zombible, we hope to remedy the situation by carefully inserting lovingly crafted zombie-oriented text into the Bible, for the enjoyment and enlightenment of all.

    It’s odd because when I read the Bible, I see a great big zombie story already. The central figure in the New Testament is a zombie, and the chief function of the book is to turn people into zombies. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to clean up the metaphors and make it a little more explicit.

    If only this were the Middle Ages, I’d happily prepare the town’s gallows to put this warlock to shame along with his little sinbuddy Richard Dawkins.

    It’s one thing for these foul men to curse us to our faces and teach veiled lies to our children, but it’s an entirely different sort of wrong to disrespect Jesus in such a manner. Zombible? Really, PZ?

    I hope all atheists know that hell is a very hot place and that Satan specializes in gnashing teeth. Not even a million shed tears will deter Satan from torturing all captured souls in hell for eternity. PZ will either bow now or later before God, so hopefully he and his followers apologize so they won’t be seared for all eternity.

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