• Racial Terror In Denver That Won’t Make National News

    December 1, 2009 10:32 am 11 comments
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    Dan Nordgren


    Thank you to our dear friend Michelle Malkin for warning us all about this chilling story.

    Details are finally emerging in the Colorado press about how violent black gangs have been targeting innocent white victims for months. We’ve warned everyone for years now about how the urban hipped hopped culture is attacking good people with violent music, rap videos and drug needles. You add gun violence and gang warfare to the list, and it’s a miracle that any white people can live in big cities.

    Now Michelle Malkin has exposed more truths, via this article:

    The Denver Police Department announced today that they have made 32 arrests during a sweep to end a four-month spree of what police said were racially motivated assaults and robberies in downtown Denver, including the LoDo entertainment district.

    A task force comprised of the Denver Police, FBI and the Denver District Attorney’s Office investigated 26 incidents in which groups of black males verbally harassed and then assaulted white or Hispanic males, according to Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman.

    Many of the victims were robbed after being assaulted.

    What’s really sick here is that police knew what was going on. They knew about how these black gangs would hide in dark alleys and just wait for their prey to walk by, targeting only white people.

    Why did they not stop it sooner or tell white people beware the blang gangsters waiting to rob them? Michelle Malkin correctly assesses it and it’s because reverse racism. The same stuff that got Obama elected into office and McCain discriminated against because of his white skin, and not the content of his fine character, is the sad culprit.

    Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman said that groups of young black males from the Rollin’ 60s Crips and the Black Gangster Disciples gangs approached single white or Latino men late at night and struck them in the head, often after berating them and calling attention to their race, but sometimes attacking without warning.

    Victims in the LoDo and 16th Street Mall attacks suffered broken noses and shattered eye sockets, among other head injuries. Sometimes wallets and other small items were stolen.

    “We have seen coordinated efforts before, but not by this large of a group,” Whitman said as the arrests were announced Friday.

    Yet no concerted effort was made to alert residents to the unusual nature of these violent crimes, or their apparent racial motivation.

    Police say there may have been 26 such attacks, almost all against white males, but investigators stress there could be other victims and more are coming forward. A few are women.

    Monday, police spokesman Sonny Jackson told us all but one of the 35 suspects are now in jail, each on a $1 million bond due to the racial bias involved. The mostly young men and teenage boys are charged with aggravated assault, aggravated robbery and bias-motivated crimes.

    The situation was so grave even the FBI got involved.

    Who knew? Certainly not the young white and Latino men who were at risk of being attacked.

    Though Denver Police issued a warning on Sept. 3 that they were aware of “a pattern of assaults and robberies,” they simply said “single males” should be on the lookout.

    Jackson said that at the time, police weren’t yet aware of the full scope and biased nature of the attacks. Once the warning went out and police heightened their presence, he said, the attacks “dried up.”

    Therefore, Jackson told us, it was unnecessary to issue a more explicit warning, even as investigators learned the more menacing aspects of the crimes.

    Jackson said keeping the warning broad should have been enough. “We didn’t want anyone to take their guard down,” Jackson said.

    But if police know that a particular segment of the population is being targeted, don’t they have a responsibility to give potential victims a specific warning?

    Obama and his supporters should be ashamed of themselves. They have created a culture that praises reverse racism and is making everyone think it’s not okay to say blacks like to rob white people in certain areas. When it happens, why not tell the truth like the Bible orders our nation to do by law?

    This is just more proof of why we need good Christians in political office again, those who will tell the truth and set everyone free. Glory.

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