• Satan Appears in First Extraterrestrial Lake on Titan Moon

    December 20, 2009 2:42 pm 27 comments
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    Satan is up to his tricks again, this time appearing as a great light on Saturn’s moon Titan. NASA scientists fell right for his trick, thinking this light was actually the Sun glinting off a water lake made of methane.

    This is of course silly, as we all know the chemical formulae for water is H20. For those of you who haven’t been proper learned, this means for every one Oxygen molecular there are two hydrogen. Observe.

    As you can see, water has a great dipole moment and it’s this properly that allows high surface tension, its freezing properties within lakes in winter and the water cycle. God designed water specifically to let life prosper and continue on Earth.

    Now if there was life on another planet, what sense would it be make to have methane instead of water? We all know scientists like to claim “where there is water there is life”, but those words are without empirical evidence!

    How dare NASA try to say this random light appearing on a moon can support life! Impossible! The Bible clearly states that in the beginning, it was EARTH where life was created. Adam and Eve. Moons are not planets and methane cannot support life!

    I wish we had the technology because I’d just as soon order Titan to be blown up! To think that scientists are probing this moon and looking for life is an offense to our nation’s Christian heritage. There is no truth to the adage “where there is water there is life”. Those are just empty words without empiricism or significant statistical data to back them up! False science!

    Here is the image that NASA is heralding as proof that Titan has a water cycle, based on methane, and likely supports life. It is of course a lie and let us pray that this moon gets struck with a giant asteroid and explodes!

    Now what since does it make to have methane as water. They don’t even have the same name! Methane and ethane cannot support life, yet NASA is trying to claim this lake is the key evidence to life outside Earth.

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