• Satan Uses Rock Music Bears to Enter Children, Cause Dancing

    December 5, 2009 4:44 pm 9 comments

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    Here we have another example of how Satan uses toys and music to cause our children to sin. We all know that Rock music is one of the most dangerous forms of Satan’s artistic expression.

    The music usually causes listeners to gyrate their bodies in odd ways and then go out to do drugs and have orgies with AIDs prostitutes.

    In this disturbing video we see Satan has stepped up his game and caused toy bears to strum some of his music so he may entice children to do ritual dances. I’d like to see the stats because I bet 90% of the hookers in Vegas are there because they had rock toys in their childhood.Warning: The following video contains footage of a Satanic toy playing harmful music. Please pray and then immediately order your women/children to leave the room before reviewing.

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