• Shut Up Adam Lambert

    December 3, 2009 3:24 am 3 comments

    From the talented critics at IDLYITW, we see just how delusional former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert truly is.

    We’ve warned everyone for years now that Simon Cowell is a new-age redcoat who is hellbent on destroying the moral fabric of America by trying to make everyday people into false idols.

    What Simon Cowell does is televise odd musical folks and see which ones have Satanic powers of the dance or singing, and then masquerades these people all about like they are some sort of heroes to be worshiped on television.

    The latest person Simon Cowell tried to make look like a normal Hollywood celebrity was a boy named Adam Lambert. As we revealed, Lambert was infected by the gay spirit of former rocker Freddie Mercury, and therefore had special powers over other contestants and people as they watched American Idol.

    Now we see the true agenda of Cowell and Lambert after last week, they tried to expose children who were innocently watching the American Music Awards (AMAs) to the homogay agenda. Our friends at IDLYITW do a good analysis of this one:

    Shut Up

    Nine days after he kissed another man, simulated oral sex, and flipped off the audience on stage at the 2009 AMA’s during primetime when children were watching, Adam Lambert is still whining and wiping his tears away with his baby doll’s hair that America didn’t bow down and worship his gayness. Maybe it’s time to change your tampon there, Nancy. Us Magazine reports:

    “My dad was like, ‘Maybe you should apologize, Adam,’” he says on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday “I was like, “You know, dad, I don’t feel like I did anything wrong. It just wasn’t maybe the right judgment call. It’s a taste thing more than an obscenity thing. I think it’s just a taste level.’…He said that “people aren’t used to seeing gay man portrayed that way on TV. The gay male image in the media tends to be very cliche and safe (Ed.’s Note: HERE) … I think I got up there and put more energy … I was putting on a character, putting on a persona, being this kind of rock star, kind of dangerous kind of guy. After seeing one of my favorites Lady Gaga tear it apart on stage … I don’t know something came over me, and I got caught up in the moment and maybe went a little too far.”

    Christ you homo, I’m not sure what neighborhood in Oz you grew up in, but on Earth “dangerous kind of guy” doesn’t involve wearing eyeliner and humping an effeminate keyboard player while you lip-sync a song about gay date rape. It just means 90% of America doesn’t relate to you. Get over it. You’re here and you’re queer, we get it. No need to march on Washington because they don’t want to show a guy in a ball gag and bedazzled leggings being lowered onto a horse during Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

    NOTE: And no, I’m not going to be nice just because it’s AIDS Day. I don’t have AIDS, so I’m not really sure what I should be recognizing. That I don’t have AIDS? Thanks, but I knew that yesterday.

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