• Barack Hussein Obama Axes NASA’s Moon Mission

    January 27, 2010 10:35 am 5 comments
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  • Barack Hussein Obama has now betrayed America by axing NASA’s mission to the Moon. In 2008, our great leader and Christian President George W. Bush embraced the legacy of another good albeit democrat president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

    President Bush knows it is time for America to go to the Moon again. It is time for us to show the world our power and scientific might, as well as secure the Helium-3 (H-3) deposits that will power the world’s energy demands for years to come. The Moon belongs to America by right, and with lesser countries like India and China making leeway on rocket technology, it is time for us to build a military base on the Moon so those savages will not get any ideas.

    Sadly, Obama wants to destroy and do away with NASA. He plans to use all the funding from NASA to give money and food stamps to black welfare mothers. Just as one would expect for someone from his people, Obama has no interest in technology. Just look at Africa and tell me if you see any spacerockets. That’s how Obama wants America to look; shameful, just like his home country.

    Friends, the secrets of space belong to us. God blessed us to go to the Moon far beyond anyone else, and it is time for us to go back, just like President George W. Bush ordered before finally taking his rest from leading our nation. Let us impeach Obama for trying to destroy NASA and our holy mission to the Moon.

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