• Biblical Damage In Haiti In Wake of Massive Earthquake

    January 14, 2010 10:29 am 2 comments
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  • Biblical Damage

    Devastation and chaos today in Haiti, as a 7.0 earthquake rocked the island nation on Tuesday. The horrifying quake has left great destruction in its aftermath, with Haiti capital Port-Au-Prince itself laying in near ruins.

    Leading politician and Hatian Senator Youri Latortue suggested that the death toll could rise as high as 500,000.

    The true magnitude of destruction is still settling in for survivors in Haiti and the international community. As photographic documentation has shown, fortunate victims of this quake have been crawling from rubble, covered in dust. Many have been seen carrying dead bodies from debris and rubble, not knowing what to do.

    Relief efforts have been hampered as Haiti’s airports have also been destroyed, with only random, unknown people on the radio trying to communicate from Haiti’s air traffic control. It is a good chance that the people on the radios have no experience and are civilians, trapped in the nation’s airports.

    Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton said the disaster was “Biblical” in scope and is reminiscent of the 2004 Asian tsunami.

    As of now, international relief efforts are still coming into play. One young Haitian boy was recorded by the AP as saying, “Help, there is too much destruction. We need international help.”

    ‘It’s the worst I’ve ever seen,’ the Salvation Army’s director of disaster services in Haiti, Bob Poff. ‘It’s so much devastation in a concentrated area. It’s going to take days, or weeks, to dig out.’

    Residents in many areas have already established crude shanties, in efforts to provide communal shelters and points of organization.

    ‘They are all gathered in public squares. Some are afraid to return to their homes. Some do not have homes to return to.

    ‘There are reports of looting. Many people, including older people, are traumatised because this is the first time that most living Haitians are experiencing an earthquake.’

    ‘The extent of losses of human lives is leaving many people traumatised.’

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