• California Sinners Open ‘Marijuana Superstore’

    January 31, 2010 6:04 am 8 comments
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    A marinjuana superstore has opened and I am angry!  This newest trick by California liberals to make drug use seem normal and legal is sick and must be avenged!  I wish it were just 500 years ago my friends, because I would lead the charge as we broke their doors with battering rams and then burned their sin house to the ground and all sinners in it!

    For those who do not know, marijuana or ‘magic mint’ is a dangerous drug that has major addictive properties.  76% of all drug overdoses involve marijuana and this number shoots up to a startling 83% for high school student aged children who overdose.

    These drugs usually come from dirty Mexico and are peddled off by local colors as you may guess.  You’ll see some of the dago variety in the following video.

    This store is a great offense against our nation. The war on drugs has been fought for years and the fact that these lowlifes would try to make a marijuana superstore is sick. Boycotting is not enough in this case. We must demand they take this store down or get picketed until they say give.

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