• Christian Blogosphere Burning Up Over Bold Descriptions of Homosexual Sodomy

    January 6, 2010 7:19 pm 45 comments
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  • stephenson billings, investigative journalist

    This past week Christian bloggers were up in arms over a very disturbing and personal description of gay intercourse posted online by a Christian activist who is also a former homosexual. Writer Peter LaBarbera, offhandedly called the blog post a “colorful description of homosexual sodomy and same-sex love.” Others said it was a “faux controversy”. And gay activists jauntily jumped on board, generating page views for small circulation blogs by using this as yet another tired occasion to chastise the ex-Gay movement.

    The statement in question was made by motivational speaker and author of “The Right Hook,” Matt Barber, a gifted gentlemen who was once ensconced in the very depths of homosexual depravity, gnawing satisfaction from every side of masculine beef that crossed his plate, seeking out the worst of excessive and lengthy fornication sessions at bathhouses, hotel rooms and private apartments. He was absolutely mired in male-on-male desire, winking and mincing at guys on a daily basis, spending his nights prowling Craig’s List for hardcore anonymous excitements with anyone cogent enough to click “send” on their AOL email account. Yet as Matt aged he realized there was nothing fun about him being a homosexual. His maturity made him realize that gays were fascinated by youth and that his own clock was ticking. He also felt very empty deep down inside and it was the shiny light of Christianity that somehow filled that gaping hole. Thankfully, Matt not only climbed out of the homosexual lifestyle, but he also brought back with him some deeply moving and important information. He is now a leader in the ex-Gay movement, telling young people to stop being gay and to accept Jesus Christ into their personal lives. He is a beacon, a model of what you can achieve if you deny your lustful desires and push them away from you like an ugly sweater.

    Matt’s controversial statement was as follows:

    There is nothing “conservative” about one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it “love.” Or two women awkwardly mimicking natural procreative relations or raising a child together in an intentionally fatherless home. — Matt Barber, Author of The Right Hook

    Peter LaBarbera, the titular head of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, is someone I have written about before. His comment that the above statement is just a “colorful” description may underestimate the gravity and graphic nature of the writing. Peter is a very honest and delightful man, a turnip top of energy, profoundly dedicated to ferreting out homosexuals wherever they are in today’s culture. He has dedicated his entire life to watching gays all over the world, whether it be at “pride” marches or Washington conferences, internet chat rooms or frontal gay blogs who threaten him with terrorist attacks. LaBarbera’s life is a template for many other ex-gay activists who are searching for a way to express their discomfort and fear about the homosexual lifestyle and the harsh intimacy of perverse male encounters. Yet in pursuing this noble goal, has LaBarbera gone too far? Does posting graphic and repulsive imagery really help the cause or is it illicit pornography itself?

    stephenson billings, investigative journalist

    Exodus International, the fascinating group dedicated to curing hardcore and incessant homosexual needs in our nation’s young men, was quick with a scathing reply. Executive Vice President (and a look-a-like for film star Matt Damon!) Randy Thomas wrote that he was “horrified” to read the details of sodomy. Randy writes with passion that,

    I have had the blessing of meeting several gay conservative bloggers and leaders and am appalled to see their humanity [and sexual proclivities] cheapened in this way. I had an intimate dinner a few months ago with one such individual [is this wise?]. We talked for three hours about everything under the sun. We shared our thoughts and faith. I know about his life and about his partner and am honored he entrusted me with the gossip of his life. We know that when it comes to certain public policy issues, like thought crimes, we can walk tightly arm in arm carrying the same message [appropriate?]. We also know that when it comes to redefining marriage, we will be one another’s strongest opponent. —Randy Thomas, CPAC, Conservatism & the Compassion of Christ. [Parenthetical comments added by journalist]

    Thrown into this mix is radical gay activist Wayne Besen who never misses a chance to jump on LaBarbera, lavishly calling him “Porno Pete” and graphically describing every encounter he has with Christian thinkers. Wicked Wayne responded to the events with a shrill and nonsensical blog posting that rambled and shrieked in every possible direction. He wrote, “Assless chaps look the same in 1993 as they do in 2009. So, there is really no excuse why you return to these events so often unless you are deriving some form of titillating pleasure from the manufactured situation.” It is clear that Besen has formed a sort of masochistic connection with Peter LaBarbera, pushing himself in front of this man to be publicly flagellated again and again for a perverse and sickening erotic pleasure. He is the type of 21st-century sex-obsessed radical activist we will only see more of in the future, thrusting for special and flamboyant “gay” marriages, threatening armed terrorism to support sodomy and trolling beneath every Fire Island pier for quick encounters of musky release. LaBarbera playfully calls this man, “A naughty Gay grinch!” and that’s putting it gently!

    While many admire men like Matt Barber, I must say that the ex-gays must be continually vigilant about their same-sex thoughts. Like alcoholics, there is a certain amount of recidivism amongst former homosexuals. You need to always check the situations you put yourself into, the people you surround yourself with, the tv shows and movies you watch, and the websites you visit online. In describing the hubbub over his comments, Matt did call the controversy “faux”. This is a word favored by homosexuals, I might add, because it is often associated with antiques and other things. I do not mean this as an indictment, but merely a suggestion to people like Matt that you should double your efforts to swiftly suppress any homosexual ideas that pop up in your lives.

    Ultimately, we must ask ourselves if this level of discourse really adds much to the fight against radical liberal initiatives that redefine traditional American values. Is putting all this sordid writing on the internet for eternity really a good thing? Does the rampant display of blog postings with words like “faux” and “appalled” really contribute to society? Are these bloggers maybe shedding too much light on their personal first-hand knowledge of lust? Shouldn’t we be spending our time reveling in the joys of faith, rather than ratcheting up page views with salacious commentary and secret desires?

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