• Copycat Japanese Create Foreign Snuggies

    January 3, 2010 3:20 am 16 comments
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    The unimaginative Japanese have once again pirated American technology and are trying to claim it as their own. The snuggie is a brilliant American technology that combines a blanket with sleeves.

    You can buy it at fine retail stores such as Wal-mart and perhaps in your local malls.

    This great technology is perfect for late nights at home when you want to sit up to eat some nice blueberry pie with milk while reading stanzas from the holy word, or perhaps sitting on the porch in fall.

    So it comes as no surprise that the little squint eyes eyed this great product and are now trying to make it their own! Next thing you know every snuggie will say made in China and instructions on where to pervert those late snuggie nights with tv anime and Asian perversions!

    Why can’t the Asians just create their own technology instead of just copying ours then mailing here to our stores for cheap. I’m sick and tired of them copying everything and then going to Wal-mart to find it says Made in China, Japan, Taiwan and other mingochinko domains.

    Well this is just another thing to boycott. Make sure when you go to get yours don’t get the ones crafted foreign, just buy the one that says made in American. Look at this Asian filthy they already advertising in our fine stores:

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