• Devil’s Music Causes Microsoft Founder Bill Gates To Nasty Dances On College Tables

    January 27, 2010 9:44 am 2 comments
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    Today we see the long arms of Satan reach even to the most rich of our American nation. As I searched YouTube for more videos to warn you about today, I was not prepared for the shock of seeing how Satan played music that caused Bill Gates to dance upon tables in sin.

    Bill Gates is a man who was blessed to start American company Microsoft, a billion-dollar enterprise that has entered the home of essentially every person on Earth via Windows. A philanthropist, Bill Gates used billions of money he earned from Microsoft to power charities, including massive work against AIDS in Africa.

    Figure 1.1 – God causes Microsoft MSFT decline due to Bill Gates participating in college sin.
    29.50 +0.00‎ (0.00%‎) Jan 26 4:00pm ET
    29.41‎ -0.09‎ (-0.31%‎) Pre-Market
    Open: N/A
    High: N/A
    Low: N/A

    Volume: 32,227
    Avg Vol: 51,691,000
    Mkt Cap: 261.93B

    Now, sadly, we see this all may be for naught as Satan has downloaded sin right into Bill Gates. Look at how he dances upon a table like an Apple computer loving hippie, swiveling hips for all the college girls who are sitting around him.

    We see that due to this, God has already saw fit to cause a sharp drop in Microsoft’s stock on the NASDAQ stock market board at the end of Monday fiscal trading on the NYSE.

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