• Evil Homowood Disney Studios Markets Another Deceptive Film of Veil Lies to Your Children

    January 1, 2010 9:54 am 114 comments
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  • My White Christian American Friends,

    We all know that the Evil Disney Studios continuously barrage our society with veil ploys to subterfuge homogay, Commie, Satanic, and other evil agendas into the subconscious minds of our children by producing films that appear to be “family value orientaled“ when in fact they are just riddled with lies and hidden secret messages.

    It all started with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a seemingly innocent story, except for the fact that it is about a harlot who lives in a hut in the woods with seven midgets (kinky little flussy) and then passes out from a drug overdose but is saved by engaging in a pre-marital kiss with the debaucherous Prince Charming.

    Snow White
    White Whore and the Seven Peeping Tom Midgets

    Then came Pinocchio, a sick, disgusting tale about a “single old man“ who builds himself a “little wooden boy“ with an extendable nose.

    Pinnochio, or Every Homogays Dream Date

    Do not even get me started on Fantasia, a two hour homogay romp of no dialogue, classical music, ballerina hippos, half-breeds and that lecherous mouse performing witchcraft.


    Next up came Dumbo and Bambi, two films littered with liberal propaganda and anti-hunting messages. I still sputter with indignation whenever I think about how those poor hunters were villified, just for trying to put food on there families tables. If God did not intend for us to hunt and eat dear, then why did He make there meat so dang tasty?


    Then of course came Song of the South, one of the few fine examples of cinematagrophy in the Disney repertoire. A tale of times when the blacks knew there place in the world. But alas, the liberal mongers of America of course censored this fine work of art, labeling it as “racist,“ so now it is naught to be found.

    Song of the South
    Song of Americas Holyland

    Next up on the roster was Cinderella, the tale of yet another harlot peasant who seduced the debaucherous Prince Charming by lying and pretending to be of nobility, assisted by her demonically possessed talking mice and nefarious “fairy godmother“ (read: feminesbian). Though Disney conveniently glossed over this particular detail of the story, there is no mention whatsoever of what happened to Snow White after Charming grew tired of her. He probably had her head chopped off so that he could marry Cindy.


    The festival of sin continued through Alice in Wonderland (promoting drug use and the works of CS Lewis, a known pedofile), Peter Pan (promoting pre-marital, underage kissing, flying, and man-boy-love – you all know that Captain Hook had grown bored with Smee and that was why he was really pursuing the sword-wielding, never-aging boy of the sky), Lady and the Tramp (beastiality and poor table-manners, not to mention the blatant endorsement of prostitution included in the films title), Sleeping Beauty (again with the debaucherous Prince Charming – that guy must have had more affairs than Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton combined…), 101 Dalmations (again with the animal-loving hippie liberal mongers – if God did not want Cruella DeVille to make coats out of dalmations, then He should not have made there fir so soft and there spots so complimenting on tall, middle-aged white women), Mary Poppins (witchcraft, Britts, chimneysweeps dancing with penguins…need I say more?), Robin Hood (teaching children it is okay to steal), The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh (gluttony and “boy-toy-love“), The Black Cauldron (witchcraft), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (beasteality between a woman and a rabbit), The Little Mermaid (beasteality between a man and a mermaid – also the over-abundance of wiggle waggles hidden throughout the background of the movie is downright disgusting…), Beauty and the Beast (beastiality, pre-marital kissing, and talking teacups), Alladin (promotes magic, lying, genies, Robin Williams, and whispering at teenagers to take their clothes off), The Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton: Enough Said), The Lion King (promotes homogayality in the characters of Pimon and Tumba), Pocahantas (beastiality between a man and a Injun), Toy Story (homogayality, “woodies,“ spacemen, and “boy-toy love“), Hercules (Greeky Mythology – A.K.A. LIES), Mulan (Asians), Tarzan (Phil Collins), Lilo and Stitch (Hawaiians), Finding Nemo (Ellen Degeneres), and The Incredibles (Superheroes), too name but a few.

    But now, my friends, the veil corporation of Disney has taken to a new low. The latest addition to Disneys carnival of carnal carrion is The Princess and the Frog, a crass re-telling of an old fable about a woman who engages in pre-marital relations with an amphibian who transforms into a prince after they engage in sinful salacity.

    But this lascivious tale was just not tawdry enough for the evil Disney, oh no! They had to dirty it up, even more! First they place the setting of the film in New Orleans (some of you may remember the time, not that long ago, where God displayed his dissatisfaction with this sinful city by smiting it with his torrential tempest), making the princess a colored woman, and incorporating voodoo (Satanistic Witchcraft) into the plot.

    My White friends, I do not like the blacks any more than the rest of you, but hear Disney is being just plain racist, which is never okay. The liberal mongers at Disney are trying to make children all over the world think that all black people perform Voodoo, which is just plain ignorant and racist. I have already provided evidence that there are some blacks in the world who are very open-minded and support the prosecution and execution of homogays, so clearly they cannot all be as bad and evil as the veil corporation Disney is trying to portray them as.

    Disney should be ashamed of themselves. My friends, we must bring down the corporate monster that is Disney. We can no longer wait for that earthquake to send the sinners of Californication to there wattery demise, and must take matters into our Righteous hands. Write to your congressmen today and demand that Disney be immediately shut down and every Disney movie burned like Joan of Ark.

    God Bless America!

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