• From Crossdressers to Christ-Haters, The Very Worst Of YouTube

    January 27, 2010 1:58 pm 159 comments
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    YouTube has become so widespread that it seems almost dull. From Facebooks to news articles, people across America are inserting those little television screens on every inch of web space available. But the site is no longer the fascinating place of old movie clips, home video bloopers and personal memories that adults first fell in love with years ago. Competition, ennui and society’s continuing addiction to even harsher excitements has pushed YouTube into a new and dangerous realm.

    This terrible state of affairs may be likened to a strip club dancer gyrating for the grubby dollar bill of an older patron. The more salacious and outrageous the YouTube video maker’s dance, the more clicks he or she will get. Amazingly enough, YouTube’s latest financial-reward system pays teens to make evermore outrageous and sexually indecent films with the sole purpose of generating incredible amounts of income for its parent company Google, Inc. In essence, Google is slipping those sweaty bills tight into the jockstraps of American teens! Take a step back and look at what’s happening here: Via YouTube ad revenues, adults are paying young girls to lounge around their bedrooms in lingerie and bathing suits while they talk about sex. Older men are handing over cash to teen boys who strip down to sinewy shirtlessness or even worse, to those who dress up like girls in black nail polish and heels, eyeliner and panties, trolloping around like cheerleaders in need of a quick spanking. Is this any different than child prostitution with an impotent “john”?

    The problem with YouTube started some time back when the nation’s media establishment pushed to remove so-called “copyright-restricted” clips from the internet. They wanted to make it impossible for ordinary people to comment on the bias and inaccuracies of the liberal media using actual footage as evidence, even though it could be justly described as citizen journalism and protected free speech. Furthermore, the fact that the interface of YouTube has barely changed over the years and still retains its archaic and difficult design is also to blame. Download speeds are incredibly abysmal, “HD” is never truly HD and the site is regularly broken down. The desperate attempt to milk more money out of the site with advertising placed all over the video images themselves makes this service annoying and unwatchable. Finally, their commenting area is unsophisticated and worthless, full of self-righteous foolishness and users labeling everything “Fake!”. All this is broken down into little snippets of ten replies so that I have to click through a dozen times to finally find something slightly intelligible and in English. The comment system on YouTube can honestly be described as better proof of the banality of evil than Adolf Eichmann’s testimony at Nuremberg.

    stephenson billings on youtube crossdressers

    In a recent investigative report entitled, “Is Video Gaming A Threat To America’s High School Jock Culture?” I revealed how unplanned technologies can have far-ranging and unforeseen consequences for the health of American culture. Video technology is another area where ethics have been outpaced by innovation. Just as with video games, teens are using their unsupervised time for the very worst. What makes this situation even more dire is the increasing number of broken single-mother homes, overcrowded public schools and parents either too timid or self-absorbed to be involved with their kids’ lives. Now that video cameras are installed on cellphones, photography cameras, iPods and tablet computers, children can make films anytime and anywhere. At the same time, our young ones are turning to video games and YouTube to learn about the confusing challenges of life.

    Crossdressing is of particular concern for the parents of teen boys today. Many adults would be surprised to learn that there is an epidemic of boys in girls clothing on the internet. It is one of the most popular and under-recorded trends on YouTube right now. From gender pioneers like “LiamkyleSullivan” to newbies “Shane Dawson” and “Nigahiga,” kids have found that they can grab the attention of older men by dressing scantily in form-fitting bras and colorful panties, long gowns and lustrous wigs. Thus attired, they act out in sexually provocative ways, batting eyelashes and showing off hairless thighs. The personalities on the site with some of the highest number of clicks, followers and ratings are crossdressers! Who are the older men so anxious to click on these boys? It’s impossible to tell. YouTube does not release data on the age of viewers for specific trends. Nor will it warn users if commenters are sex offenders (but several have been discovered on YouTube).

    Beyond the comedy and playfulness of transvestitism, there are deeper dangers for a boy dressing as a girl. Blurring the lines of sexual identity for cash may seem like fun, but what if it becomes a habit? How is teaching children that they will be financially rewarded for effeminacy a good idea? When tempted to explore these fantasies, America’s teen boys are sliding down the slimy slope of homosexual experimentation. Will they also be tempted into crossdressing shopping sprees (women’s clothes aren’t cheap), frisky underwear, drugs, plane tickets and more? Who knows if these on-camera snippets are only a small portion of these boys’ femininely attired lives? Are your children gallivanting around dressed as Betty Grable or Madonna when you’re not at home?

    stephenson billings on youtube crossdressers

    The temptation to be even more of a woman, to fully realize the expression of the female identity and become the consort of a masculine and rough man is always present with the crossdressing experimenter. How far will these teens go to become that fantasy recipient of male desire? Do they start with beauty products that make them delicate and pretty– facial cleanser, moisturizers, scented lotions, flavored shampoos, and more? Is the next jump not engaging in a private intimate experience with a man, succumbing to a hard and lusty encounter, wantonly trying to satisfy a tough cowboy’s need for grunting excitement? How long and extreme do these sessions go? After all that sweat-drenched hormonal hammering, do they stumble from motel and dorm rooms, their identities irrevocably tied to a newfound and exuberant homosexuality? Do they then bother to mutter, “Thank you, YouTube” as they search for mentholated cigarettes in alligator purses?

    Crossdressing is but one example of the frightening future that America is lurching towards because of YouTube. There are many other areas of this secret culture that need to be investigated and very likely removed (I have highlighted a few others in the list below). Parents should never for a second imagine that online video sites are benign. They are the grimiest dungeons of the internet, places where your children can be locked away for decades of depravity and social failure. But you do have the key to unlock this jail cell! Please place YouTube on your list of parentally-blocked sites today and set your children free!

    stephenson billings on youtube crossdressers


    10– Dan Brown’s Universe: An egomaniacal young man who fortunately stays clothed for his cloying videos begging you to revel in his lukewarm intellect. He aims to be some sort of atheistic leader of the YouTube tribe, but he is more like the fool you see sitting on the wall, eating his own hair as you exit this rank-smelling village. My child, you know nothing of morality and your voice still breaks with puberty. Why don’t you start a blog after you’ve had some life experience outside that messy Vassar dorm room?

    9– The Miley And Mandy Show: Need proof that teen girls today are too obsessed with jewelry and sex? Just watch any of the “works” from these two spoiled rich kids, desperate to show off their bodies and their possessions like future candidates of “Housewives of New Jersey.” In a day and age when this country is in a financial crisis and our boys are dying overseas to protect our freedoms, it’s disgusting to see these vapid harlots parade their conspicuous consumption so recklessly (and with such obvious damage to their hardworking father’s credit card).

    8– William Sledd: Epitomizes the very worst of the vain and sexualized teens in the gay lifestyle movement. He tells our impressionable boys it’s okay to go gay, but do it with flamboyance and the most expensive hair products available! Please lay off the self-tanner young man.

    7– Smosh: Two boys with no obvious skills wrapped in a gender-bending relationship, which unsurprisingly includes a greased-up gerbil. Whether they’re lathered in makeup or rammed into tight-fitting jeans, they are disgustingly sexual and demanding. They must know that their crossdressing escapades are the delight of lonely old men in basements everywhere. Some of their stage sets are so expensive-looking you have to wonder what sugar-gentleman is funding their gerbil experimentations and what services he’s getting in return.

    6– Machinima: I have already explored the depravity and risks of video gaming in analyses every parent should read (article link and article link). Here is a man who is doing his very best to promote the most sexual and violent games to young boys 24 hours a day. On top of that, he is dull beyond belief, yet this is one of the most viewed channels on YouTube! I never knew flagrant hedonists could be so boring.

    5– Justin Bieber: Someone has kidnapped this poor child from reality. He looks too young and naifish to be his own mini-industry! Yet he acts like a man is his videos, crooning to middle-aged women and inviting them for sex in laundromats (see “One Less Lonely Girl”). Plus, the singing is so heavily mixed and lip-synched it’s unbelievable. His hip-bouncing moves and “come hither” looks are evidence that corporate America has no fear dancing on the grave of morality for a quick buck.

    4– Tila Tequila: Does she own real clothes? All that flesh draped in tiny cocktail napkins of fabric, it’s just offensive. I really don’t see the point of this person. What a wonderful collection of angst-filled teenage boys, house-arrested pedophiles, sex tourists, and failing college students she must have as followers! Tila, I can’t imagine the damage you have done to American society with your nakedness firing up the lust of men who really have better things to do. Think of the manpower hours lost! I only wish YouTube required green cards.

    3– Fred Figglehorn: First I’d like to ask, where in the world are your parents? It seems like you’ve ingested something from your frazzled mother’s medicine cabinet. Otherwise, what in the world could you be so possibly excited about? And stop squinting like you’re reading off cue cards. I feel bad that you have to airbrush your pimples out of your videos, but that pity evaporates the second I hear your duck-quacking voice. Donald, I can’t imagine you ever growing chest hair. You are that creepy. Why are you so popular? I look forward to the day when you’re a bitter, exhausted and quiet adult.

    2– Philip DeFranco: You are the heart of the problem with YouTube. A guy like you would not draw much attention in the real world. You’re cleancut enough that you could probably land a good paying job at Best Buy, yet you choose to spend your life online? Frankly, you’re too old to be on YouTube. I find it extremely unnerving that people like you are so desperate to surround themselves with the little boys and girls of the internet. What’s your ultimate motive here? Also, please stop talking like Casey Kassem.

    1– ShaneDawson: You look like a nice boy. Clean, well-fed, good home. So what’s with the crossdressing? Is suburban life in the land of American plenty really so bad that you have to lash out at the loving parents of this country in your heels and inept mascara, screeching like a drunk sorority girl lost in Harlem? Does your mother even know? Many of us are concerned. It’s pretty obvious that you find a secret thrill slipping on those elastic panties from Victoria’s Secret. Did you think no one would notice? The impressionable boys of America have! They’re saying to themselves, “Shane does it so it must feel real good!” Have you even bothered to wonder how many children you have corrupted into crossdressing with your floppy hair and firm legs, your warm voice and curious eyes? How much self-abuse has been performed in your name, Shane?

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