• God Saves Man From Ice Cold Creek

    January 31, 2010 1:46 am 8 comments
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    God has once again shown his great mercy, this time by rescuing a man from the frigid winter death grips water of a demonically cold creek.

    My friends, God is good all of the time and all of the time God is good. A man drove his car off the road and into the bitter waters of a creek in Topeka, Kansas.

    The ordeal all started when two mule deer ran out into a rural Kansas road, likely under the unction of the devil.

    The man managed to make his car dodge one of the deer, but it struck the second and instantly flew over a guard rail. After such, the man’s car flew 100 feet through thet air and into the dark, cold oblivion of the surging creek down below.

    At this point the man’s life was in peril and Satan celebrated. His plans to drown this man were going quite well, but someone, somewhere was praying for this man. They prayed for him to return home safely and for our great God to intercede.

    The Topeka Capital Journal reports that the man though all was lost, then a mighty hand reached down and busted through the back glass. Glory!

    God interceded and gave the man a way out of his four door Suzuki. Wanting to keep his name anonymous, the man said that he thought all was lost as the water filled his car and his life naturally flashed before his eyes.

    After getting out of the car, the man was able to run to the kind home of a Christian family, who naturally gave him warm clothes.

    American Medical Response responded to the scene and the man declined to be taken to a local hospital. He said the following day, he would go to the hospital with his wife for a general checkover.

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