• Gothic Wiccans Celebrate Christmas

    January 12, 2010 2:30 pm 28 comments
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    The hypocrisy of Wicca atheists has no bounds. In the following picture we see these dark clothed mongrels are celebrating our Christian holiday of Christmas!

    Oh, look. How fun it is to deride Christians all year and defy decency with their black dresses of sin and makeup, shopping at fear dangerous stores such as Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters.

    Then when Christmas comes up look what we have here, them trying to be a part of Christ’s day. Why don’t they come up with their own holiday where they dance under the moon to their fake Wiccan gods in the snow? Because they are not real and this is proof.

    My friends, it is no coincidence that Wicca sounds very similar to wicked. Goths. Wicca. Atheists. They all the same and are of Satan, so let’s make God proud and tell them to get out of our holiday season with their drab clothes and smileless faces.

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