• Haiti – Rape, Murder and Voodoo on the Island of the Doomed

    January 14, 2010 1:35 pm 30 comments
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    Behold the devastation that has fallen upon Haiti.

    Warning:  This media series contains graphic imagery.  Please first pray for our friends in Haiti and have women/children leave the room before reviewing.



    Haiti earthquake
    Haiti earthquake

    Haiti earthquake

    Haiti earthquake

    Haiti earthquake


    Haiti earthquake

    Haiti earthquake
    Haiti earthquake

    The wrath of nature has fallen upon the kingdom of Haiti. The island is well known for its dark, mysterious culture and dismal life for the inhabitants.

    The first black country, Haiti was formed when angered slaves rebelled and broke away from the nation of France by defeating the French army some 200 years ago.

    Now the island’s population totals nearly 9 million people and for many of them, each and every day of life is like a hell on Earth, especially now.

    One in every ten Haitians under the age of 40 is infected with HIV. Millions of these poor people live in unprecedented squalor and destitution, even by third world standards.

    Each year thousands of Haitians try to flee to the US, for a chance at a better life.

    Haiti is no stranger to weather disaster. Each year, the island nation is plagued by hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. Being very underdeveloped, each catastrophe spells loss of life due to ill-warning and emergency services the island can deploy in such times. Without surprise, the Haiti people lack organization and structure to do such things, unlike many Western nations.

    What’s worse is that in addition to brutal weather, the inhabitants of Haiti must also endure other brutal humans with power. Many dictators have routinely raped, murdered and casually eaten their enemies and sometimes unknown civilians.

    We need look no farther than “Papa Doc” Duvalier, the mongrel who murdered over 100,000 people and formed a private band of killer cannibals called Tonton Macoutes, during his tyrant’s reign.

    Papa Doc switched the national religion of Haiti to voodoo. He forced all the people of the island to participate in it or be killed and eaten. He would commonly kill prisoners and bystanders, shipping their body’s blood to the United States in mocking fashion.

    Haiti women forced to perform a voodoo chicken blood ceremony or be raped, killed and then eaten.

    During Papa Doc’s rule, the people became accustomed to voodoo rituals. It was a required part of life and children grew up believing it to be true.

    When Papa Doc died, there was no relief. His son Baby Doc was twice the fanatic!

    He formed even more cannibal death gangs to enforce order and law, and made the people continue to embrace a voodoo cannibal and blood ceremony culture. Rape, murder and torture were as common as buying chewing gum from your local Wal-mart.

    In 1986, the people managed to overthrow Baby Doc, yet sadly, a military junta saw freedom short lived. The lives of the people continued to be steeped in voodoo, and all over the nation, the cannibal gangs enacted terrorism to regain power. Even US forces had trouble quelling unrest caused by these gangs, even to this day.

    The current political climate of Haiti is the same. Terror gangs still run every city and rural area, randomly gunning down people and eating their organs. Women get raped time and time again. Those who speak out are shot and eaten. This is common life in Haiti.

    Now, on top of such adversity, Haiti has been hit with a devastating earthquake. What glimmer of hope for progress the tiny voodoo nation had for development fell apart, and that’s why the international community should triple efforts to help these poor people.

    The UN has made token efforts to ‘keep peace’, but really, it’s been just that. Haiti is the poorest nation on Earth and has great crimes against humanity taking place day in and day out. Yet, no one does anything to help them. It took an earthquake of Satanic magnitude to even get the world to pay attention. How sad.

    It is our job to help these people. We should help them medically, we should help them build a police force. We should help them build a trading economy, we should give them health care and teach them about the love of Christ.

    Editor’s Note
    Read of our friend Andrew Malone’s personal account during his travels in Haiti.

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