• Racist Democrats Don’t Call On Senator Reid to Resign For Calling Obama “Negro”

    January 11, 2010 12:34 pm 13 comments
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  • The Democrats are the most hypocritical political party that has ever existed. Yesterday, it came to air that Senator Reid called Barack Obama a “negro”.

    Reid commented that Obama was ‘light-skinned’ with ‘no hint of Negro dialect’ unless needed.

    Such crass description of African-Americans shocked the Senate floor, instantly causing Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, to join Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele in denouncing Reid’s racist comments and calling for his resignation.

    The Democratic party has a history steeped in racism. During the 1800s, the Democrats (Dixiecrats) did their best to defeat Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation of all black slaves. The Democrats drafted anti-freedom laws and even an army to try to keep African-Americans enslaved.

    During the 1900s, the Democrats drafted Jim Crow laws to slow the progression of African-American civil rights. Now we see that even in the year 2010, Democrats still think it is okay to call blacks, even the American President, a negro.

    The word negro takes origin in Latin and is still prominently used in Spanish, literally meaning “black”. In the American lexicon and our cultural vernacular, the term carries a weighted history of oppression, abuse and belittlement. The word is hateful and has no place in our nation’s capital.

    Since Senator Reid feels racism is a part of America, I agree that Senator Reid should resign and think he should see his way out of our country and especially our capital, just like any other American who believes in freedom and equality for all men should do.

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