• ‘Insane Clown Posse’ Release In Money Rustlas Movie/DVD For Children

    January 27, 2010 10:11 am 25 comments
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  • A new Satanic band named the “Insane Clown Posse” is putting out a musical DVD called Real Money Rustlas. Sources indicate this band is evil and was created to make kids think it’s all about circus fun and big laughs, but really these clowns are veil wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    The Insane Clown Posse cusses in their songs and use backwards Satanic messages to make kids who listen to their music worship Satan. Kids who listen to this filth start to wear improper clothing, coloring their hair and hanging out to often with questionable youth at your local mall. Statistics show they are far more likely to start smoking cigarettes and experimenting with life-killing drugs should they listen to this music.

    As parents, this makes you terrified so you are doubly scared to know the Insane Clown Posse is sneaking into public schools, via YouTube, to entice your children to buy their Money Rustlas Movie. The movie itself contains pornographic music content and is not even suitable for someone as dirty as Satan to watch. Warning: The following video media contains a clip from new Satanic group Insane Clown Posse. Please first pray and then immediately order any women/children to leave the room before reviewing.

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