• Japan Clones Christopher Walken

    January 3, 2010 1:22 pm 18 comments
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  • Japanese scientists have developed the means to clone humans.  This shocking revelation was made apparent over the weekend as exclusive footage emerged, showing what appears to be a Japanese clone of Christopher Walken riding in an elaborate carriage of sorts.

    Evidence A: Japanese Scientists Parade Christopher Walken Clone

    This finding is consistent with a Japanese effort to ‘Bogart’ America’s technological and entertainment industries by simply replicating all that America has and then peddling the good to Asian and other global markets.

    Japan has already recreated several American bands and music styles, technology such as television and the snuggie and now are cloning American actors, so as to establish a Japanese Hollywood.

    Why they chose to make Christopher Walken one of their initial choices for gene-spliced Asian clone remains unconfirmed, though several sources speculate they could use their Walken clone to contractually undercut the true Christopher Walken in various entertainment media.

    Japan’s government remains mum on the issue and only continues to send more images of this clone to the public domain, a indication of indignant bragging.

    The US or UN has yet to respond or announce embargo to Japan’s unannounced cloning program.

    Evidence B: Original American Christopher Walken

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