• Lesbian Ellen Degeneres Badgers Simon Cowell, Sullies American Idol with “Prima Donna” Slur

    January 26, 2010 10:26 am 12 comments
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  • The lipstick lesbian Ellen Degeneres has now brought the predictable gay attitude and sense of entitlement to the show American Idol, where she recently made a slur against Simon Cowell and ruined this season of the newest American family pastime.

    American Idol is a show that has had questionable guiding ethics, but yet provides a platform for talented young men and women to live the American dream by being recognized for their vocal abilities. A British man named Simon Cowell, along with former singer Paula Abdul and Jackson 5 bassist Randy Jackson, for years have made the show a delight for American househoulds worldwide.

    All this came crashing to a ferocious screech this week when the show’s new judge, Ellen Degeneres, started to make grievous and sickening celebrity slurs against Simon Cowell. In a true and uncalled for show of lesbian lip savagery, the carpet-crazed Ellen dared to call Simon Cowell a ‘prima donna’ because he was only a few minultes late for the show he created and made a commericial success.

    How long are we going to tolerate gays and the bad attitudes they bring into our household via television? It is more than obvious that Ellen’s only motive for joining American Idol is to help spread the gay agenda, and what better way than starting out with conflict against Simon Cowell. She will somehow try to twist this and say she’s being blamed and victimized because she chooses to violate God’s natural order for humanity, husband and wife.

    America, when will you learn? Gays only seek television stardom so they can create chaos and promote the homogay agenda? Back when Ellen first tried to ruin American and corrupt youth by bringing her dangerous lifestyle to primetime television, we united to have her show removed off the air on account of gay.

    Now, we must do the same thing. Ellen has a plan to use American Idol as a staging ground for promoting people who sing gay-inducing songs and she wants the ear for true talent, Simon Cowell (the same Simon Cowell who saved us from having the sick Adam Lambert crowned winner last year) out of the way. If such an occurence happens, I’d hate to see the stats of how many kids catch AIDS or herpies, dropping out of school because American Idol and Ellen turned them into gays.

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