• Let Us Send Our Prisoners To Mexico

    January 27, 2010 10:46 am 11 comments
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    One of the greatest plagues upon our nation is the penal system. Year in and year out, we are forced to finance hundreds of thousands minorities who choose to violate law and land in jail.

    It is not fair to the American taxpayer to pay for the lavish lifestyles and meals enjoyed by prisoners in jail. Every cent spent on a prison person could be spent giving winter clothing to poor children in America, or even helping some poor Hatians by feeding their spirit with a copy of the Bible, so their nation won’t be judged again for having voodoo for the national religion.

    Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also realized the problem with the overwhelming minority prison population, and has proposed to have them all shipped to Mexico. This initiative is good for America, as it relieves the pockets of our nation, cleanses us of darker toned elements and puts them in a more suitable place.

    It also serves as payback to Mexico, who for years has allowed its people to sneak into our country without invitation. Perhaps with having to house all our prisoners, Mexicans will build a sense of empathy for what we’ve had to endure with them sneaking around our states and bringing their ways into our country. Due to the logic and just nature of Governor Schwarzenneger’s proposal, it should quickly gain popularity and pass in House and Senate.

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger floated an unusual suggestion Monday on how to cut the state’s bloated prison costs with a private venture — build a private prison in Mexico.

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