• Letter: Right The Ship

    January 31, 2010 2:19 am 7 comments
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    For eight years, the George Bush administration and the Republicans in Congress managed to save America from utter destruction. Clinton’s deceptive economic plan left America with a record budget surplus, but at the cost of leaving our nation vulnerable to terrorists.

    Due to Clinton not spending money on our national security or fighting terror people abroad, we were attacked on 9/11. Due to Clinton’s negligence, President George W. Bush was forced to lead our troops into battle against the most hardened, brutal and savage adversaries on the face of Earth.

    Against such odds, brave President George W. Bush and his Republican allies protected us. They built the necessary policies to guarantee our American freedom and way of life.

    President George W. Bush managed to save American business from the destruction 9/11 wrecked on our economic cycle and might.

    Before 9/11, our economy was strong. The housing market was mighty and banks could loan money to anyone. Now, things are different and Bill Clinton is to blame.

    You cannot spell Demon without Demo and it is no coincidence that the same can be said for Democrats. These loose demons left us weak for the sake of saying they are a frugal party, but the only area where they are truly frugal and lacking is morals, integrity and care for America.

    Barack Obama built his campaign on a foundation of false lies and promises. His policies are a mound of shifting sand that can be changed as fast as the tide rises and falls. His policy has no substance, no structure.

    President George W. Bush was steadfast and determined. He spoke with purpose and did not use double-speak with the American people. His stood by his policies and made the tough choices, for the sake of our Christian nation, heritage and future.

    It is time for America to once again right the ship. Obama has proven that he is not a competent captain. He cannot lead America back to the calm seas of morality. He will only sink us in the cold seas of iniquity and despair.

    America, let us take control of the boat. Let us vote a new captain into office. Let us vote a new crew of Republicans into Congress. Already in Massachusetts, we have filled the sulfur-laden seat of Ted Kennedy with an honorable Republican, who has vowed to vote against Obama’s evil health care plan.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg, and unlike the Titanic, America will not sink. It will not sink because we have God on our side and you, the voter, will make the right choice by insuring the GOP once again owns Washington, DC, and can protect our freedoms and true way of life.

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