• Modern Day Forbidden Fruit

    January 31, 2010 6:22 am 22 comments
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    Us Christians know the story of Adam and Eve, with the talking snake and forbidden fruit. But is there still things out there that are forbidden for us to eat or consume in any way? Well the answer is yes.

    Mariwana is the most well known of these modern day forbidden fruits. Grown in the evil, pagan country of Mexico, mariwana (derived from the Mexican word, “mari”, meaning “disgusting” and “wana”, meaning “athiest bread”) is the most evil and sickest of all plants. Mariwana is consumed through eating, cooking in food, smoking, or snorting. The most common way of consuming it is smoking it or baking it in brownies and handing them out to kindergarteners.

    The second this evil drug enters your body, Satan instantly grabs hold of you. Anything could happen. Sometimes he’ll tell you to stay at home and listen to evil black hipper hopper “Lil Wayne” or pop group Beatles . Other times, he will command you to rape and murder playground children or rob big companies like Microsoft.

    If you take this drug even once, Satan lingers in in you forever and there is no chance of you ever going to Heaven. Sometimes you will have seizures or suddenly murder your mother without even knowing it.

    Now why did God put this forbidden fruit here? It\’s because he’s testing us. Just like he tested Eve, he wants to know if we can make the right choice to. Make the right choice. The results of making the wrong one inclide going to Hell and dying.

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    Max Jenkins I am a youth leader at my church and man of God. In my free time, I enjoy teaching children how to play piano so they can worship God even more, and reviewing classic albums so you will know whats Safe and whats Satan to listen to.

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