• Moral Alert: Avatar Movie Introduces 3-d Pornography Games to Families

    January 11, 2010 1:11 pm 42 comments
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    The Avatar movie’s true agenda has been revealed: secretly introducing 3-d pornography to family homes worldwide.

    Via a tip from affiliate Matt Drudge and Fox News

    LAS VEGAS, Nevada (AFP) – A 3-D mania stoked by stunning new television sets and the blockbuster film “Avatar” is being embraced by a porn industry notorious for helping new technologies access homes.

    Bad Girls In 3D used an AVN Adult Entertainment Expo that ended Sunday in Las Vegas to unveil an unprecedented online library exclusively in the format and a first-of-a-kind “turnkey digital 3-D viewing system.”

    “For several decades, the adult entertainment industry has driven adoption of every significant new entertainment delivery system – the VHS home-video craze in the 1980s, the satellite television mania in the 1990s and the present day Internet,” said Bad Girls producer Lance Johnson.

    “2010 and beyond will be all about 3-D.”

    Avatar is a very sadistic movie that was released only weeks ago and is already inspiring the anti-American values industry of pornography to find new ways to destroy families and our nations Godly’s heritage. It flies against our culture’s Christian roots and is causing children to learn about sinful and life crippling things at a very young age.

    Movies like Avatar give too much power to the hands of sick people with 3d technology, which is just as menacing as new mechanized fetish robots that have been created by Japan. It stands to be a far greater threat than even anime, which is Japanese for pornagraphy.

    Until more of this threat is realized, parents should take extreme caution and forbid any product that says ‘3d’ into their home or child’s activity without first a thorough and proper review. As we see by this alert, the pornographic industry is using this 3d technology and the movie Avatar as their new staging grounds for their morality war against you, your children and your family.

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