• Obama Appoints Transgender Amanda Simpson To Cabinet Commerce Job

    January 11, 2010 10:40 am 9 comments
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  • Barack Hussein Obama has once again offended America, this time by hiring a transgender homosexual to do a real man’s work!

    I’m sure God is livid about this and I am too!  How can Obama dare trust our nation’s economy to one who denies their own nature!  The natural cycle of the economy will just be a play thing to Amanda Simpson.

    That’s ‘her’ name.  Amanda Simpson, a transgender in an American president’s cabinet.  If this were just 200 years ago, we could accuse the whole administration of treason and then off to Appomotax Courthouse for trial! Guilty!

    Guilty by Bible and guilty by our Christian Constitution of America!  This sick revelation brings great shame to our country.  Obama tries to act all surprised and wonder why our economy is failing?  Why?  Because you have transgenders in your cabinet looking over it stupid!

    Friends, God created man and woman to join in holy marriage and create more childrens.  There is nothing in the natural cycle about cheating and trying to switch what God ordained you to be.
    The economy is natural too.  When our nation is right with God, he will favor the American dollar and make it strong.  That is why we prospered under Bush and Reagan, and poor sinners always get poorer in this country and in others.  Now we all suffer because Obama is in office and allowing they transgenetic gays to hold positions that belong to natural men!

    Laissez faire means just that, hands off and let nature take course not lizzie fair gay lesbian tranniesgenders in our White House staff!  Fire him, Obama!  We the people demand it!

    Look at how this poor host from David Letterman’s show reacts after finding this shocking news.  You’re ruining America and scaring Americans with your nonsense Obama.  Gays belong in secretary and nursing jobs, not running our government!  Get right OBama or get out of our Christian country.  Stop defiling our natural Christian law and heritage with your gay nonsense before you destroy us all!

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