• Paris Hilton Fondles A Pig

    January 3, 2010 12:52 pm 6 comments
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  • We all know Hollywood is a sick place where they allow gays to walk freely about hand in hand and celebrities can be seen snorting drugs off street corner sidewalks, yet the following picture is shocking even by those common standards.

    When I was first warned about this picture I chocked on my Oat Bran and nearly lost consciousness. You could hear Satan laughing about this as it is all a new ploy to get teenage girls to do the unthinkable; canoodling a pig.

    Paris Hilton seems to be on some sort of new agenda where she tries to make it look cool to feel up your breakfast meat. Pigs are made for eating and at no point in time should be hugged and caressed.

    I am so absolutely disgusted right now I can’t even think of how I’d  punish her for this, but rest assured they are going to all fry with a side of eggs and hash on hell’s skillets for this one. I’m going to go pray and take some aspirin.Warning: The following image media contains sick Hollywood animal perversions. Please immediately order any women and female children to leave the room before reviewing.

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