• President Barack Hussein Obama State Of The Union Address

    January 27, 2010 8:54 am 1 comment
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  • When President Barack Hussein Obama takes the stage for his first State of The Union address tonight, it’s predicted that he will try to recast his presidency in attempts to regain trust and respect of the American people.

    Recent polls show that Obama’s approval rating has dropped to an all time low of 49%. This question of confidence in the president is coupled with last week’s Democratic loss of a Senate seat in Massachusetts, the former stomping grounds of Senator Ted Kennedy, as the now Republican Senator Brown won the state election by gaining 52% of the vote over his Democratic opponent.

    Brown’s platform? A vow to oppose Obama’s healthcare initiative, a measure that the Democrats have tried to muscle into law despite substantive protest from the American people.

    When Obama took office in 2009, he was faced with myriad problems: a failing economy, a necessity to bail out and “save” US enterprise and foreign wars on two fronts, Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama was faced with a people wearied by a failing economy and still reeling from fleeting thoughts of 9/11, a tragic event that turned into a political talking point by both major US parties.

    Obama’s proposals to these problems turned out to be hollowed shells of rhetoric, bursting with little impact on the things he promised to be able to shoot down. Sure, Obama did say his proposals and initiatives would take time, but now before the State of the Union Address, we see Obama is doing a complete about face and changing his rhetoric altogether.

    Obama insisted banks and businesses needed billions upon billions in bailouts, while the American people did not. Now, we see, Obama this week has slammed banks and accused them of robbing “the American people”, trying to play Robin Hood to the bank’s Sheriff of Nottingham. This type of backpeddling is an insult to the American people.

    Tonight, Obama is going to try to be a cleaned up version of the infamous “Joe Sixpack”. Expect him to preach “jobs, jobs, jobs” and point fingers at big business and banks for being out of touch with the American worker. Expect him to accuse US enterprise of abusing stimulus money, that he quickly gave without oversight, and exploiting the American people.

    Expect Obama to try to trick everyone to accepting his big brother ideals for government.

    George Washington said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.

    Just as Senator Orrin Hatch warned, Obama’s healthcare proposal would give the federal government an unconstitutional right to force Americans to pay for insurance they don’t want. Such actions would allow the government to start forcing you, the voter and citizen, to have fire insurance, boat insurance, car insurance and perhaps even life insurance against your will. The precedent that Obama’s actions would set are alarming.

    Obama is a master of deception and rhetoric, and expect his campaign to try a new course of action tonight. Obama will try to appear humble and modest, chalking his past mistakes up to being exploited by the big guys, all while he was just trying to do what’s best for the American people. The truth of the matter is, Obama is not cut to be president, at least not during these trying times.

    America needs a leader who appreciates the notions of fiscal responsibility and the necessity of small government to ensure our freedoms are not impeded, much as we saw happen in the USSR and NAZI Germany. America is a Republic by the people and for the people. The Union belongs to us, not an elite Harvard man with a penchant for deceptive rhetoric.

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