• President George W. Bush Inspires Americans to Save Haiti

    January 17, 2010 3:35 pm 16 comments
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    The poor country of Haiti needs our help. Last week, a devastating earthquake ravaged their nation and left the people of the country in a state of utter chaos, a tragic horror that no human should have to endure alone.

    As nations worldwide rush to help Haiti, it does take a tremendous amount of resources and business interaction to bring people necessary food, water and provisions. Rescue teams need money and supplies for transport. Skilled volunteers are needed to give their services.

    While there has been a decent worldwide response, we could do so much more. Haiti is a nation of 9 million people, a good portion of which live in the area direct affected by the earthquake disaster.

    Here we see our Christian leader and President George W. Bush echoing these truths, inspiring Americans to reach out and help our friends in Haiti. Bill Clinton was there for most likely a photo-op, as during his presidency he refused to aide Haiti several times.

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