• Russian Terrorists Declare War on America

    January 12, 2010 4:24 pm 11 comments
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    At 8:57 PM yesterday, the Soviet Union Russians declared war on America.

    Just like when the Arabs declared war on us on 9/11, the Soviets are employing secret footsoldiers who are already here in place.

    As you sit home or in your office reading, assuming your family and loved ones are safe, the Russians tip-toe around and prepare to attack! They are already here and they want American blood and seared skins.

    The following video captures the first wave of Russian commie attacks. A Russian enters a gasoline facility and throws Molotov cocktails at all innocent bystanders. He reportedly yelled ‘Death to America’ in his dirt tongue. No casualty list or response from Washington was available at time of report.

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