• “Sexual Bending” Outlawed At Wisconsin High School Dance

    January 27, 2010 9:08 am 23 comments
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  • Great news from Wisconsin, as a public school dance is having rules of morality enforced!

    As you well know, Satan’s favorite high school event is the prom dance. He uses this time to cause sin to enter the bodies of young men and women, making them feel unnatural desires as they dance around to his music.

    In Amber’s excellent expose, “Dirty Prom Dress Reveals Satan’s Plan To Get Your Daughter Pregnant“, we saw the troubling fact of how at these dances boys “‘will ply your daughter with alcohol and then do grinding dances to devils music, all so they may put their serpent scepters into your precious girl’s no no zone.'”

    All this leads to sins and stats like how over 86% of teenaged pregnancy happens at senior prom. The incidence of AIDS from prom is a staggering 23% (+/-2.2 dev) for the last 5 years alone. Such alarming numbers show why we need hardline federal policy in place at every single high school.

    For this reason, we are very pleased with Union Grove High School in Wisconsin. Their new rules for school dances forbids “sexual bending”, leg grinding and the touching of secret parts and shameful parts of others during the dance. Both feet must also remain on the ground at all time during the dance, which will make it harder for Satan to inspire sin within the students.

    Such provisions are only a small part of what needs to be done to make public schools decent once more. We have seen moral decay in all schools since 1962, when the Supreme Court betrayed our nation’s Christian heritage by banning prayer in public schools. Now, finally, we see a return to normalcy and decency. Let’s hope the great stories shared by students fortunate to attend Union Grove inspire other school’s to stop living in sin and have fun the right way.

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