• Unappreciative Haitians Detain 10 Americans

    January 31, 2010 4:16 am 12 comments
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    Haiti has once again proved why they got judged. Troubling new reports from Haiti show that their people have racism against Americans.

    From our sources at CNN, we see that Haiti dared accuse ten Americans of child trafficking. How children would not be better off in America than the savages of Haiti is beyond me and you know, quite frankly, Haiti should be grateful that Americans even want to be bothered to help them.

    We could just as easily not help and watch their little critter island nation sit in ruins. They don’t have anything of value like oil and there’s not much in it for us in helping them, but one thing. Christian duty and compassion.

    Haiti doesn’t appreciate such things, being voodoo island people. I’d go into details on this report, about how the ten accused have done nothing wrong and it has been proven by investigation, but I think that should already be understood. Haiti is now trying to hold Americans hostage and will probably start making terror demands using our people as leverage.

    I say Obama should just go ahead and fuel up our war planes and let Haiti know we will just finish off what God started if they don’t knock it off. One or two more holy nukes and their you have it, one less voodoo people to worry about in our hemisphere. Haiti, let us help you and build what we see fit in your nation. Let us help you use your resources, whatever you may have, correctly. Do not bait our mighty hand to war, for it has been blessed by God to be his right hand of judgment upon the lesser nations of this Earth who don’t follow the correct path. Amen.

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