• 5000 German Neo-Nazis Attack Dresden

    February 13, 2010 3:10 pm 20 comments
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    A new group of terrorists named “Neo-Nazis” made their name known yesterday, as they emerged from seemingly thin-air to blitz the German town of Dresden.

    Since Barack Hussein Obama took office, terrorists of many differing ethnicity and background have become visible and emboldened: abortionists, Muslim mujahideen, Wiccan, Asian communists, Soviets, Palestinians, gays, Afro muslims and now the NAZIs one more.

    They feel emboldened because Obama is a chickenhawk.

    He hides behind the strong words of Bush but has no heart to fight a real war, that’s why we are not done in Iraq, Afgahnistan and have not nuked Iran off the face of the Earth yet.

    So now in Germany, the NAZIs have risen once again. They goosestep the streets and challenge all the proper Germans who live by the edict we placed on Europe after we saved them from the Jap-NAZI alliance. “No trying to genocide good people or wars without US permission”.

    The NAZIs have no respect for others. They tried to kill all the Jews, cripples and gypsies, and then teamed up with the Japanese and Mexicans to try to wipe out America. God blessed America, at the time a nation of words and not holy weapons, to quickly become his hand of judgment and power on Earth, a role America shall have until the end of days.

    Now that we see 5,000 NAZIs have risen in Europe, I think we have no choice but to send our troops through France and straight through Germany once again. We should just bomb Dresden into rubble once more, and nuke Tokyo for good measure. Europe should be forced to do away with the Euro for a while and take loans from us and power the American dollar just like before.

    I hate NAZIs and so do you if you’re moral. We must do everything in our power to keep them from trying to take over Earth for Satan before it’s too late.

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