• Aerosmith Steven Tyler Looks Like Old Lady

    February 7, 2010 12:51 pm 7 comments
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    Rock n’ Roll band Aerosmith has long offended God and our country with offensive music that promotes everything from drugs to worship of Satan.

    The band also was one of the first to promote the homogay agenda, with a song named “Dude Look Like A Lady”.

    Within the song, the band’s lead singer — Steven Tyler — implied that he could not tell if a person was male or female, but was yet somehow intrigued and perhaps turned on by the person.

    This gives the impression that those who choose to change their gender are potentially attractive to and catch the eye of those of proper sexual orientation, which is scientifically false.

    Tyler and his band are also well known for rampant drug use and philandering with their young fans, sick acts as people of their age should be passing out buttery Werther’s Original candies to teen girls instead of snorting coke of their busom in a backstage bathroom.

    This is only naming a few sins of Tyler and Aerosmith. God has the ability to be kind to us as we age, but with Tyler you can already tell God is displeased with him and if he doesn’t repent, he’ll be burning in hell with many other ‘rock stars’.

    In the following picture you can see God’s sense of humor as well. Since Tyler found it funny to make the song “Dude Looks Like a Lady”, we can see God has made Tyler look like an old lady as an early punishment before the eternal one.

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