• Angelina Jolie Heads to Haiti

    February 10, 2010 3:01 am 2 comments
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  • Celebrity Angelina Jolie is heading to Haiti to speak with leaders and to do diplomatic work on behalf the UN and United States.

    Even though we caught Angelina Jolie sinning during the Super Bowl, with unprecedented levels of PDA with actor Brad Pitt, we see this woman has a good side as well.

    Already, Angelina has taken initiative and donated over $1 million of her money to bring aide to the children of Haiti. Now, she brings herself to the nation to see the destruction firsthand and consult with officials in the country, to get a better fell of what they may need.

    Let us remember that it’s not all about equal giving, but equal sacrifice. We can all still do something to help the people of Haiti.

    We may not be able to send $1 million or consult with top government officials of the nation, but what’s stopping you from donating a monetary gift to the Christian Relief Fund?

    Open your heart and wallets to help us give the Haitians what they need; spiritual food for the soul that will bring healing to them during their time of need.

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