• Atheists Make Monkey Addicted to Cigarettes, Cheap Whiskey

    February 27, 2010 5:01 am 8 comments
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  • In their latest attempt to convince the public that humans and monkeys are all one in the same, atheist scientists have conducted more cruel experiments upon a simple monkey.

    This time around, though, they have done the unthinkable: make a monkey severely addicted to cigarettes and whiskey.

    As you know, cigarettes are very dangerous because they contain carcinogens. These active chemicals are much like free radicals, in which through oxidation reactions they endanger key components of an organism’s cells, sometimes leading to dangerous, unchecked growth of cells.

    Such growths manifest as tumors, sometimes malignant and cancerous, within the body. This means that atheists are willing to give monkeys cancer in order to trick you into believing in evolution.

    If that’s not enough, they have addicted this poor monkey to alcohol. Alcohol destroys the liver, heart and mind. As this monkey continues his drinking habit, he’ll likely start to turn as yellow as a banana as he develops jaundice.

    He’ll likely get pancreatic cancer or colon cancer, perhaps even some heart disease from the other 1000+ chemicals that naturally occur in the cigarettes these atheist scientists are forcing this monkey to smoke.

    Friends, God love all his creation and monkeys are truly special creatures. Why these scientist would exploit a monkey’s “reward pathway” is beyond me. Addictive substances like nicotine and alcohol make the brain think “I need this” via centralized biochemical pathways in the dopamine pleasure center. Scientists know this and are exploiting this fact to get this monkey addicted, so it will laugh and drink in public.

    Already their plan is working, as several Hollywood producers have allegedly contacted this monkey to “discuss work on several movie ideas”. The monkey is also being sent to rehab in Malibu for its drug addiction.

    Next, we’ll see the gays saying this monkey should also have the right to marry whatever gold-digging flussy who says she wants him to dangle her sinhole and get married so she can get his movie contract money. Sick, sick sick!

    I hate evolutionists, gays and their sick agenda to ruin our world. Now they are using a monkey as their scapegoat and it is sad. I may just join PETA next month so we can form a mob and protest this filthy agenda to humanize monkeys via Satanic addictions.

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